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5 Tips to Growing a Great Lawn! Rivers Edge Turf
Nothing makes a homeowner happier than having a lush green lawn that they can be proud of. Just a quick glance can show everyone who passes by how much you care about your property and the way it looks. Creating the lawn you want can be easier said than done at times. Here are 5 great tips to get you the best lawn ever without having to buy the best turf on the market! Take care of your lawn consistently. The more routine and regularly the lawn is cared for the better your turf will look. Healthy lawns take maintenance and[...]
Winter Maintenance Tips for a Great Summer Lawn!
When the long days of summer are fading the last thing you may be thinking about is caring for your lawn. Of course, this is one of the most important times to think about your lawn care. Especially if you want a happy, healthy lawn come springtime and aren’t thinking about re-turfing your lawn the following year. Putting your lawn to bed for the winter does require a little bit of effort and planning on your behalf. Knowing when the first snow or frost falls, or when the weather gets cold for your area. Will help you in ensuring your[...]
Can I Over-Water My New Grass?
You went ahead and got a new lawn installed. It’s lush, green and perfect. Couldn’t be happier with how it adds to your home. Now comes your side of things. Lawn and turf maintenance. There is no point in putting in a new lawn if it is just going to die, now is there? You don’t want to just waste that investment. No, of course not. You want to continue to help it grow and be a successful installation. How exactly do you do that, and are there ways to prevent damage to the new lawn? In terms of maintenance,[...]
How Often Should I Mow my Lawn?
A beautiful lawn is something that many people want and strive for. A beautiful, lush green lawn is not only nice to look at, but can add curb appeal, as well as value to your home. One of the first things people notice when they arrive at your home is your garden. Having the perfect, well-cared for lawn is a key part of this. When caring for your lawn, whether it is one of the buffalo turf varieties, or any other type of grass, one of the common questions is- How often should I mow my lawn? The common agreement[...]
The Buying Guide to the Best Lawns
When deciding what kind of grass to turf your lawn with, the amount of available choices can be extremely overwhelming. You want something that is well matched to the climate where you live, as well as being suited to your personal preferences. There are a lot of different types of grasses available, from Kikuyu to Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo, and each brings its own drawbacks and benefits to the table. Let’s look at some of the more popular grass species for lawns, and break down what’s unique about each.             Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass: This is a relatively new[...]
Living in Harsh Conditions and Need a Tough Lawn?
Choosing the right grass for your lawn can be a difficult process. The choice you make will depend largely on the climate you live in, as well as personal preference. For those living in harsh climates, there are several good choices when it comes to grass types. Australia is known for its heat and humidity, and cooler winter months. Therefore requires grasses that are well adapted to living in that sort of climate. Let’s look at some of the tougher grass types available.             Sapphire Buffalo This is one of the best all around grass types on the market today.[...]
The Low Maintenance Lawn: 5 Tips for Trouble Free Grass!
Most homeowners want their lawns to look their best, but don’t want to put in a massive amount of time and effort, or simply do not have the time to put a large amount of effort into caring for their grass. Luckily, there are some straightforward procedures you can follow in order to keep your grass healthy and flourishing without having to commit to a huge amount of time. Lawns are fairly simple to care for, and usually the main cause of trouble comes from not being consistent in your lawn maintenance. Let’s take a look at 5 easy things[...]
Keeping Your Lawn Healthy Has Never Been Easier!
When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn, it has never been easier to get reliable information and products that will allow you to keep your grass growing idyllically all year round. There are, however, a few decisions you will want to make when considering installing a new lawn, such as finding out when is the best time of year to lay turf. As well as important factors to keep in mind when maintaining your new lawn. Turf or Seed? When considering laying down a new lawn, you will want to decide if you want to install turf or sow[...]
3 Ways To Stop Grass Runners In Their Tracks!
Buffalo grass has undergone something of a renaissance in Australia.  Referred to as Ol’ Scratchy until recently, the Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass of today doesn’t feature course or sharp leaf blades.  One problem it is susceptible to however, is grass runners that separate and sit on top of the lawn. Over time, the Buffalo Grass runners will grow over the top of each other.  Eventually, they will join together to completely smother the runners and matter underneath.  The smothered runners and leaf matter will die off and the dead thatch remains, giving you some major headaches.  Left untreated, a[...]
6 Tips For Sustainable Gardening
One of the best things you can do these days in your yard and your garden is to practice sustainability.  Here are 6 tips covering everything from collecting rainwater to the best time to lay turf, that will help you get on track for environmental sustainability. Harnessing Water Rainwater is one of our most precious resources, therefore we should do as much as possible to conserve it.  Any house with an outdoor space can harvest rainwater.  The simplest way to do this is to set up a water system that fills barrels with the water runoff.  This can then be[...]

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