Grass Maintenance

Grass Maintenance - Lawn Care

You’ve put money into your new lawn, and you want to keep it looking healthy and attractive for years to come. That’s why it’s vital to care for your lawn properly. Here’s a few important grass maintenance tips to keep bugs and diseases at bay, and keep your grass green and thriving.

Grass Maintenance and Pests

Armyworm and Black beetle are pests notorious for damaging lawns. Black beetle are common throughout NSW and thrive in wet, humid, shady conditions, favoured by warm nights. Be on the lookout for small, discoloured circles in your lawn, which are tell-tale signs of these two pests eating your lawn from the roots up. Find out from your neighbours or local garden experts if they’re a problem in your area. If the answer is yes, then purchase the right chemicals before installing your lawn, and apply them at the right time of year, to keep them away before major damage occurs.

Application of an insecticide with the ingredient “imidacloprid”, should stave off these pests. Be sure to irrigate the chemical in, and follow all directions on the container. Application of this chemical in late spring and again in mid summer to known trouble areas, should help keep damage near to zero. If pests are still a problem, consult a licensed professional immediately.

Grass Maintenance - Fertilising

Try and keep your lawn growing vigorously in the growing season (September to April). Fertilise at least once in spring, and twice in summer, and then once again with a high potassium fertiliser in early April. Little amounts and often is the key. Evenly apply 2 to 4kg per 100m² of turf is sufficient. On more acidic soils, if possible apply lime or dolomite once a year in mid winter. This can help drought-proof your lawn and make it more disease resistant.

Ask us about our fertiliser packages.

Grass Maintenance Watering… Keep It Up!

In dry summer spells, most lawn areas exposed to full sun need at least 25mm of water every week, on most soil types. (Twice per week on extra-sandy soils). Lookout for turf leaf-wilt or slight discolouration. This will remind you that it’s time to get out the sprinklers. It’s best to water in the early morning, from 6am onwards. Make sure you give your lawn even coverage. If you have sloping areas, apply more water on top of the hills, and at different times of the day – for example, two 40-minute intervals. This allows better water penetration and reduces the amount of runoff to lower-lying areas.

…But Don't Water Too Much!

Did you know that waterlogging can kill a lawn in five days? Avoid over-watering at all costs, as lawn pests attack high-moisture areas first. Before laying your new lawn, make sure the area to be turfed has been designed to drain away excess water in heavy rains.

Mowing Grass Maintenance

All varieties of turf grass require mowing. Buffalo grass generally needs cutting every 10 to 14 days, Couch grass every 8 to 12 days, and Kikuyus every 5 to 9 days. Be sure the mower blades are sharp and in good condition, and ensure the turf is not too soft and damp, by simply pressing into the grass with your index finger. If your finger goes more than 1cm into the soil, allow a few more days for your lawn to dry out. Also, be sure to avoid mowing at dewy times of the day. The best time to mow is late afternoon. Only ever remove 1/3 of the leaf when mowing your lawn, to reduce the likelihood of scalping.

Grass Maintenance - Weeding

It’s good practice where possible, to keep your lawn weed-free and your garden beds mulched. Simply look over the lawn before mowing to spot any weeds which may have emerged, and pull them out by hand.

Grass Maintenance - Weed Spraying

If you have weeds that need some tougher treatment, we can advise you on suitable sprays to use and how to apply them. We also offer weed-spraying as an after-sales service… only to customers with an existing Rivers Edge Turf Lawn. Just give us a call.

Be Consistent

Caring for your lawn is worth the effort…. Remember, a healthy lawn adds value to your property, and will help keep your home and garden looking great.

(Find more info about grass maintenance for buffalo grass, couch grasss and our other turf supplies on our Frequently Asked Questions page)

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