Turf Varieties

Come and view our display plot to see the different couch, kikuyu and buffalo grass choices available from Rivers Edge Turf.

Rivers Edge Turf supplies the following turf varieties…

This is a hard-wearing, easy-to-grow, deep-rooted variety of buffalo that’s great for dry climates. It grows well in anything from 70 percent shade to full sun. Sapphire stands out from other buffalo grasses due to the tightly folding leaf once matured. A great option if you have pets or children!

The most cost effective choice for the home or larger blocks. Very fast growing, therefore is ideal for homes with large pets or higher traffic. Suits full sun areas. Mowing heights from 20mm to 35mm.

This is an improved version of Kikuyu, as it grows faster. It’s a tough all-rounder, good for commercial sites, as it only needs replacing once every few years. Ideal for sports ovals, golf fairways, race tracks. Has great winter colour even in frost-prone areas.

This is variety is popular with families. It’s a Buffalo grass with a very soft leaf, not likely to irritate young skin like some of the older, scratchier Buffalo varieties. It also stays outstandingly green in the winter. Palmetto tolerates shade, is drought resistant, requires less mowing, has fewer weed problems, and less seed head - great news for people with allergies.

This is the first and only all-purpose Australian native lawn grass. It is fine-textured, requires low maintenance, and is super drought tolerant – even more so than Buffalo or Couch. It is faster-establishing and has better winter colour than exotic Zoysia types.

This is slower growing variety of couch grass. Santa Ana doesn’t produce as much seed head as other couch varieties. It’s very appealing on putting greens due to its dense, tight mat. This couch requires 80 percent to full sun. Ideal for the home lawn enthusiast.

This couch tolerates medium to low mowing heights, at regular 10 day intervals, to prevent scalping. Grows faster across the ground in warmer months, however can produce more seed if not fertilised once every 3 months.

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a fine, soft to touch hybrid couch, medium green color with a dense blade that is considered as an all round best lawn in the market known to tolerate full sunshine.

Rivers Edge Turf suppliers have a large range of Buffalo grass, Kikuyu Grass and Couch grass available. Contact the experts of turf supplies for more information.

If you’re not sure of the variety, let us know a bit about what you’re looking for in a lawn.

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    If you’re not sure of the variety, let us know a bit about what you’re looking for in a lawn.