Which types of turf are best for shady areas? | Shade Tolerant Turf
If your yard doesn’t get much direct sunlight, you may want to consider a shade tolerant turf variety. Choosing grass that can withstand low light increases its chances of survival and keeps your mind at ease.  If you’re unsure whether you need a shade-tolerant grass, consider:  The amount of tree cover on your lawn  If there are surrounding buildings that routinely block direct sunlight  If you’re living in an area that has a naturally cloudy climate  How the light changes depending on the time of day  How the light changes depending on the season  Once you’ve established whether or not your lawn might require a shade-tolerant grass, you can start[...]
Your Guide to Laying Turf in Spring
Spring is the perfect time of year to lay turf in Australia. While it’s true that your lawn can be installed at any time of year, the warming weather and potential for new growth in spring makes it an ideal time to start the process. The benefits of installing your lawn in spring Installing your lawn in spring has many benefits. Spring is the time of the year for new growth, when new foliage is blooming, and shoots are sprouting. The weather is also warming up gradually and there’s adequate rainfall to provide your lawn with the water it needs.[...]
How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring
Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get your lawn in perfect shape for when the warmer months arrive. Giving your lawn the care and attention it needs now will really help it thrive when spring arrives! Here are some of the best ways to get your lawn care in order for spring.   Take control of weeds While you may associate weeds such as bindiis with the summer, they actually begin to germinate in the winter. For this reason, it is essential to get on top of them during winter, before they come[...]
How To Remove Kikuyu Grass From Garden Beds And Pathways
Our guide to Controlling Invasive Grasses There’s no doubt about it; Kikuyu is a robust and fast-growing grass that can cause havoc in the domestic garden. Although it’s beautifully green, hardy and grows vigorously, it can become a problem if it starts spreading into garden beds and invading other turf varieties. The burning question is how to remove Kikuyu grass while protecting the surrounding vegetation. Kikuyu is tough, perennial and fast-spreading (by both seeds and runners), all of which make it challenging to beat!   About Kikuyu Grass Kikuyu is a perennial, warm-season grass, native to East Africa. It’s a[...]
Why Is My Buffalo Grass Turning Brown?
Why Is My Buffalo Grass Turning Brown? When buffalo grass is beginning to turn brown it can be a big concern for homeowners. Fear not! There are a few harmless reasons why your buffalo grass could be turning brown: it may be a natural part of the lifecycle of the lawn it may be an inherent trait of the Buffalo Grass tyle. If that explains why your buffalo grass is turning brown, then you’re in luck! If it’s not, it’s possible that your grass is turning brown because of a lack of lawn care. Let’s discuss how to fix it.[...]
Nara Grass: Why We Love Australia’s Homegrown Turf
Nara Grass is becoming a general favourite with many Aussie homeowners. From our harsh and salty coasts to our foothills to our drought-prone central regions, Nara is not only growing but thriving! That’s why Australians love Nara Grass: it’s the homegrown turf that’s been developed on our own soil, designed to suit our climate and lifestyles. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Nara Grass is its versatility. It does better than buffalo grass in the sun, yet it can tolerate up to 50% shade. Drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant, great winter colour, excellent self-repairing qualities and resistance to wear and tear are a[...]
5 Environmental Benefits of Laying Turf
When we think of turf, we don’t often consider the environmental benefits of it. Typically, we are more bombarded with how it isn’t good for the environment and that it utilises water and energy that could be better put to use. As true as this can be, there are actually quite a few benefits to having that lush green lawn outside your home. 1. Retaining topsoil Globally, we are losing topsoil at an alarming rate. Over-farming, tilling the land, erosion and more is taking away the topsoil that we need to survive. By having lawns and turf planted, we ensure[...]
How Often Should I Fertilise My Lawn?
A green lawn doesn’t just look good, it’s a key component in having great curb appeal. Knowing how to take care of your lawn ensures its longevity and overall health. One of the most important aspects of lawn care is making sure that your lawn regularly gets all the nutrients and water it needs. This means knowing the best time to apply lawn fertiliser. Here are a few tips for a happy, healthy lawn: Apply the first dose of lawn fertiliser in early spring when the temperatures are above 10 -15 degrees. If it is laid before this time the[...]
How to Winter-Proof Your Lawn
Winter can be a tough time for your lawn, especially for those who live in colder climates. Frosts, icy winds, shorter days and colder nights can leave grass looking pale and tired. The best way to keep your lawn alive and thriving during winter is to prepare. Autumn is the perfect time to take a few simple steps that will go a long way to keep your lawn happy and healthy. Collect leaves and debris Over autumn, your lawn may become littered with leaves from deciduous trees. It’s important to address this quickly, as fallen leaves can shade your lawn,[...]
7 Reasons Why Your Lawn Colour Has Changed
Anyone who takes pride in their garden knows the frustration of a yellowing lawn. Kikuyu grass is a beautiful and popular variety that has a particular reputation for losing its lush, green colour when exposed to the wrong elements. This can leave even the most experienced lawn-carers tearing their hair out and re-evaluating their whole system of maintenance. So, why does Kikuyu grass go yellow? There are a few simple reasons why Kikuyu or any type of grass can go yellow. Thankfully, they’re usually relatively easy to address so you can get your lawn looking green in no time.  [...]

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