Planting Trees In Your Garden Can Save You Hundreds On Your Electricity Bills – Here’s How!
We all know the benefits of planting a tree can have on our planet. Have you ever considered the benefit it may have on you personally? How about your bank account? Planting trees in your garden can have a remarkable effect on the energy bills we get every few months. Here’s how: Summer, winter and in-between there are a few different ways bushes and trees can be of great benefit to those energy bills. And the bonus… you’ll be contributing to saving the planet as well. Trees help to modify local climate by lowering air temperature, increasing humidity, influencing wind[...]
How To Know When To Dethatch Kikuyu Grass
Grass, it’s green, most of the time, it’s beautiful underfoot and makes the yard look great… if we look after it. Kikuyu is one of the varieties of grass that can develop a thick thatch layer if you’re unsure about how to care for it properly. It’s getting close to summer and you may need some tips to ensure your lawn is green and lush for the entire summer. Thatch is the layer of organic matter between the root system below and the aboveground shoot. Some thatch is natural and good for a lawn, too much can bring problems with[...]
Sun Mapping – How It Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Garden
Planning a new garden or renovating an established one?  Looking for tips on how to maintain palmetto grass or wondering where to establish a new veggie patch?  Whether you’ve been blessed with ‘green fingers’ or not, it pays to do your homework before you dig in.  While there are many aspects of your gardening project that are within your control, there are some that aren’t… and one of them is the sun!   The Importance of Sunlight Different species of plants require different amounts of sunlight. From shade-loving ferns and mosses to sun-loving veggies and native flowers, each type of[...]
How To REALLY Love Your Lawn- 4 Things You Should Do Every Week
There are so many reasons to love your lawn. Lawns really do give back to the whole family. They help to create memories – either good or not so good (prickles anyone?). So if you’re going to have the opportunity to love your lawn in the coming warmer months you’ll need to LOVE your lawn. Here we have four things you should do every single week to really love your lawn. Give yourself that instant grass feeling when you walk out your back door.   # Tip Number One Trim The Top   Mowing should happen at least once a[...]
How To Repair And Prevent A “Scalped” Lawn – 3 Simple Steps
You’ll know the lawn has been scalped if after mowing there are brown, sheared looking or scaled patches in your lawn.  Grass needs the green blade to soak up the sunlight in order to photosynthesise (turn sunlight into food) and grow. When the lawn is scalped it means that the grass no longer has the ability to make its own food and may need help to repair itself. So, you’ve been a little too happy and pulled the lawnmower out and gone straight at your lawn without checking the blades. Now your back yard looks like a kid who took[...]
How To Kill Weeds Without Killing Your Lawn – 5 Strategies That Work!
It’s almost time to begin enjoying your beautiful lawn in the warming, sunny weather of spring. However, you may be finding that your winter lawn has sprouted a few challenges of its own. You may find a selection of different weeds common to all of our lawns. Or maybe you have found some annual or perennial grasses that just don’t belong. The very best way to control weeds in your lawn is to remove the roots and all before they seed. Using a tool to dig out roots and remove the entire plant by hand can be time-consuming but is[...]
Lawn Solutions 101: What Happens When Grass Goes To Seed?
Ever looked at your lawn as the season warms up and thought – “What are those weird looking things on my grass?” They might be seeds. Your lawn will naturally begin to seed as the weather warms up and we head into spring. All plants naturally flower and seed and this is a sign that your lawn is healthy and growing well. With that in mind, if your lawn seeds for too long it can be a sign that your lawn is under stress and needs some lawn solutions quick!. Stress Factors include – Lack of Water Lack of Nutrients[...]
Cut Back On Lawn Maintenance By Using Alternative Grass Species
You have a beautiful new home and you’re looking for the best possible lawn to continue the beauty outside, but you don’t have the time for a high maintenance garden or lawn. It’s the dream, isn’t it? We all want the perfect garden for the kids and the pets, but also the time on weekends just to enjoy it? Keep reading to find out which turf will give you the best looking lawn in the street and not cut into your family time on weekends.   Nara Grass Nara grass is an all-round winner for busy families without the extra[...]
Why is Kenda Kikuyu grass such a popular choice for Australian homes?
If you’re looking for a lawn that’s tough, robust, hard-wearing and has excellent colour, Kenda Kikuyu ticks all the boxes.  At Rivers Edge Turf we understand that many Aussies have busy schedules and would rather spend their spare time enjoying their lawn than maintaining it.  And that’s why we suggest Kenda Kikuyu as a top pick for Australian lawns. So, is Kikuyu grass native to Australia?  And what is it about this turf that makes it so popular? About Kikuyu Kikuyu is a turf species that is native to Eastern Africa.  It’s a low-growing species with a reputation for very[...]
Nara Grass – Why we love Australians home grown turf
Nara Grass is becoming a general favourite with many Aussie homeowners.  In our harsh and salty coasts to our foothills and even our drought-prone central regions, Nara is not only growing, but it’s also thriving!  And that’s why Australians love Nara Grass: it’s the homegrown turf that’s been developed on our own soil, especially to suit our climate and lifestyles. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Nara Grass is its versatility.  It does better than buffalo grass in the sun, yet it can tolerate up to 50% shade.  Drought tolerant, salt-tolerant, great winter colour, excellent self-repairing qualities and resistance to[...]

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