Why Kikuyu Grass Is A Perfect Choice For Backyards
Tough; hardy; fast growing and highly drought tolerant.  How much more can you ask?  Kikuyu is one of Australia’s favorite picks for backyards right across the country.  From Queensland to Tasmania and across the country to WA, there are very few places it won’t grow.  That’s why it’s being used by homeowners all over who, have an eye for beautiful lawns. So, what makes it such a great choice?  Let’s take a closer look at a few of the great benefits of using Kikuyu grass for your lawn: Wear’n’tear Typically, our backyards get more than their fair share of use,[...]
How To Deal With Pests And Bugs On Your Lawn
You mightn’t want to believe it’s true, but it’s happening: your beautiful lawn is being attacked by bugs and pests.  All your effort, your hard work, the hours of TLC you’ve given that grass… and it’s being chewed up by something! It’s easy to see that something is wreaking havoc with your lawn, but it’s not always easy to determine exactly who or what is the uninvited guest.  Lawn pests come in many shapes and forms and could be lurking either above or below ground.  Six legs, four or two… your enemy might be insects, birds or mammals.  Whatever the[...]
Planting Trees In Lawn Areas- 6 Steps To Follow.
We love landscapes that feature both trees and turf.  Open lawn areas are soothing to the senses and promote a feeling of ease and openness, while trees add that visual barrier and contrast and a touch of grandeur.  There’s just one catch: trees and turf aren’t always compatible.  And that’s why you need to know your stuff before you launch into planting trees in your lawn area. Trees and turf are both plants, and therefore have the same basic requirements: water, sunlight and fresh air.  When planting trees in lawn areas, competition for sunlight can be a  real problem. If[...]
The Best Native Grasses For The Australian Climate
Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi…! There’s a good argument for growing native Australian grass: it does well here because it belongs here.  We live in a country of climatic extremes, so native grasses that flourish in any given zone do so for one common reason: they’ve adapted to suit the prevailing weather and soil conditions. They’re generally tough, hardy, robust and tolerant.   For whatever reason, when talking of new lawns, different types of couch grass are often a customer’s first thoughts.  And, while there’s no doubt couch makes great lawns, there are many Australian grasses that are just[...]
How To Identify The Type Of Lawn In Your Yard
Maybe you’ve moved into a new home, and it has a beautiful, established lawn.  Of course, now it’s  yours to keep it that way!  Or, maybe you’ve lived in your home for a long time, but have made yourself a new year’s resolution to put some extra effort into creating a beautiful lawn.  Either way, it’s really important to know what type of grass you have before you launch into fertilizing or even routine maintenance.   Why? because different turf types have different requirements when it comes to mowing, feeding, watering and even wear and tear.   With so many[...]
Lawn Envy- How To Obtain The Perfect Lawn
Let’s be honest: we all want a perfect lawn.  And most of us know somebody who’s got one, and we envy it like mad.  If only there was some way to create our own little paradise like that… Is it possible?  Yes!  Is it hard?  Not as hard as you might think!  In fact, many of us put that perfect, soft, green lawn in the ‘too-hard basket’ without really even giving it a proper shot!  After all, lawn care and maintenance isn’t rocket science – what you need is an excellent base product, correct care routines, dedication and some elbow[...]
Keeping The Bugs At Bay – Best And Safest Pesticides For Grass
There’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than seeing dead, brown patches appear in your beautiful, green buffalo turf.  All that hard work you’ve put into your lawn, the manicuring, the watering, the weeding….and now look!  Parts of it appear to be dying…   Don’t throw up your hands in despair – the unsightly brown patches in your lawn may well be due to pests, not buffalo grass diseases.  And, in this case, the problem is relatively easy to fix (watch out grubs and beetles…)! So, how do I know what it is that’s chewing it’s way through my grass? The[...]
What Time Of Day Should I Water My Lawn?
Morning, midday or evening… when is the best time to water my grass? Obviously, to maintain that perfect, lush, green lawn, you’re going to have to water it.  That’s not rocket science.  However, as a responsible home owner, it’s important, for two reasons, to understand when is the best time to water your lawn – firstly, because you want to do what’s best for the grass itself, and secondly, because you want to do what’s best for your back pocket! Well here are a few tips that will help you get the best out of nature’s resource, as well as[...]
Which Turf Is Best For Small Yards? Our Top Picks!
A lot of homes these days have remarkably small yards, with very limited grass area.  And seeing as it’s not something we can change, the only option is to make the best of it!  This means choosing the correct turf for a small area – you want your lawn, whatever its size, to be a slice of paradise. There are a few key things to consider when deciding which turf is best for your small garden.  It pays to take a bit of extra time to make sure you pick the best option for your place, that way you’ll enjoy[...]
What Is The Best Type Of Grass For Kids With Allergies?
We all know that kids love playing outdoors.  And that’s how it should be.  Fresh air, sunshine and interaction with nature are all hugely important to their normal physical and mental development. That’s why we need kid-friendly gardens – ones that are safe for them to play in, learn and enjoy. It’s obvious that for a yard to be child-friendly, we need to put a fence around the pool, a cover over the fish pond or maybe deal with pesky ants or spiders.  These are things that could be potential hazards and harm our little people.  But hang on! what[...]

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