How Long Does Turf Take to Establish
Are you wondering how long it takes for turf to establish? Turf takes about 1 to 1.5 months to reasonably establish after being watered properly. It shouldn’t be easy for the turf to be pulled from the ground. Ultimately, however, takes about nine months for turf to fully establish. How well turf establishes depends on sun and water exposure as well as how you care for it. The soil should be damp in the establishment period. This will keep it nourished. You might not know what the best time to lay turf is in your area. If you consider yourself[...]
11 Sustainable Gardening Ideas for the Home
One of the simplest things you can do for the environment these days is to implement sustainable gardening practices in your own backyard. Here are 11 tips covering everything from collecting rainwater to the best time to lay turf, that will help you get on track for environmental sustainability.  What is sustainable gardening and why should you do it? Sustainable gardening has no official definition, but it refers to the concept of implementing gardening practices that minimise harm to the earth while continuing to improve the environment for all its inhabitants.  Most people probably associate sustainable gardening with organic byproducts, but it goes much further. Not only does sustainable gardening[...]
How To Get Rid Of Bindii Weeds
Bindii’s can be described as a landscaper’s worst nightmare. Bindii weeds not only ruin the look of your lawn, but they can make walking on the grass without shoes a very painful experience! And after all the hard work you’ve put into that turf, you want to be able to enjoy it, not have to avoid it. What are Bindii Weeds? Bindii’s are a low-growing, leafy, green weed that is commonly seen growing in lawns across Australia. It produces a single flower which matures into a spiny seed pod. These dried seed pods are sharp enough to puncture bike or[...]
The Best Time to Lay Turf in Australia
If you’re looking to install a new lawn in the coming year, you’re probably wondering what the best time to lay turf is in your area. Is it best to wait until spring to get your lawn gowing, or will it thrive no matter what time of year it’s planted? Many varieties of grass such as Sapphire Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu are popular due to their year-round durability and general drought resistance, making them perfect for the Australian climate. No matter what type of turf you choose or when you plant it, it will require ongoing maintenance to stay health[...]
How to Identify Kikuyu Grass
Kikuyu grass is a fast-growing, lush and vibrant lawn type. While many people choose to have Kikuyu specially installed in their gardens, it may also start to pop up in unwanted areas such as garden beds. As such, it’s important to learn how to identify Kikuyu grass so you can know when to leave it and when to remove it.  About Kikuyu Grass  Kikuyu grass, also known as Pennisetum clandestinum, originates from East Africa where it grows in the lower tropic regions. Over the years, it has been introduced to many parts of the world including Australia, Hawaii and Arizona. Despite being[...]
Why Removing Debris to Make Room for Your New Lawn Is a Step You Don’t Want to Forget!
It’s the time of year when a fresh, green, thriving lawn is simply the best thing ever. The neighbour’s lawn looks absolutely smashing and your only thought is, “How can I get me one of those?”   Well, without going into how much actual work is most likely going into maintaining that spectacular lawn, we can help you get prepared for a fresh, new lawn especially if you’re thinking about investing in new turf.   There are quite a number of steps to preparing for your new lawn and removing debris is one you really don’t want to forget! Let’s learn a[...]
Which types of turf are best for shady areas? | Shade Tolerant Turf
If your yard doesn’t get much direct sunlight, you may want to consider a shade tolerant turf variety. Choosing grass that can withstand low light increases its chances of survival and keeps your mind at ease.      If you’re unsure whether you need a shade-tolerant grass, consider:  The amount of tree cover on your lawn  If there are surrounding buildings that routinely block direct sunlight  If you’re living in an area that has a naturally cloudy climate  How the light changes depending on the time of day  How the light changes depending on the season  Once you’ve established whether or not your lawn might require a shade-tolerant grass, you[...]
Your Guide to Laying Turf in Spring
Spring is the perfect time of year to lay turf in Australia. While it’s true that your lawn can be installed at any time of year, the warming weather and potential for new growth in spring makes it an ideal time to start the process.       The benefits of installing your lawn in spring Installing your lawn in spring has many benefits. Spring is the time of the year for new growth, when new foliage is blooming, and shoots are sprouting. The weather is also warming up gradually and there’s adequate rainfall to provide your lawn with the[...]
How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring
Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get your lawn in perfect shape for when the warmer months arrive. Giving your lawn the care and attention it needs now will really help it thrive when spring arrives! Here are some of the best ways to get your lawn care in order for spring.   Take control of weeds While you may associate weeds such as bindiis with the summer, they actually begin to germinate in the winter. For this reason, it is essential to get on top of them during winter, before they come[...]
How To Remove Kikuyu Grass From Garden Beds And Pathways
Our guide to Controlling Invasive Grasses There’s no doubt about it; Kikuyu is a robust and fast-growing grass that can cause havoc in the domestic garden. Although it’s beautifully green, hardy and grows vigorously, it can become a problem if it starts spreading into garden beds and invading other turf varieties. The burning question is how to remove Kikuyu grass while protecting the surrounding vegetation. Kikuyu is tough, perennial and fast-spreading (by both seeds and runners), all of which make it challenging to beat!   About Kikuyu Grass Kikuyu is a perennial, warm-season grass, native to East Africa. It’s a[...]

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