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Which Turf Is Best For Small Yards? Our Top Picks!
A lot of homes these days have remarkably small yards, with very limited grass area.  And seeing as it’s not something we can change, the only option is to make the best of it!  This means choosing the correct turf for a small area – you want your lawn, whatever its size, to be a slice of paradise. There are a few key things to consider when deciding which turf is best for your small garden.  It pays to take a bit of extra time to make sure you pick the best option for your place, that way you’ll enjoy[...]
What Is The Best Type Of Grass For Kids With Allergies?
We all know that kids love playing outdoors.  And that’s how it should be.  Fresh air, sunshine and interaction with nature are all hugely important to their normal physical and mental development. That’s why we need kid-friendly gardens – ones that are safe for them to play in, learn and enjoy. It’s obvious that for a yard to be child-friendly, we need to put a fence around the pool, a cover over the fish pond or maybe deal with pesky ants or spiders.  These are things that could be potential hazards and harm our little people.  But hang on! what[...]
Do I Really Need to Invest in New Soil to Plant my Turf?
Growing a healthy, happy lawn is something that many of us strive for and want for our homes. Giving your turf the best start will ensure that you have the best success possible with your turf over the course of it’s lifetime. One of the most common question asked about how to install turf is whether or not you need to invest in all new soil for the turf to be planted in. In order to provide you with the best advice, there are a few things to take into consideration: The type of soil currently in your garden. If[...]
How Much Water Is Too Much Water? A Guide To Getting It Right
Water is a key component in the care of our lawn. Too little water, as in situations of drought, or a forgetful homeowner and the grass simply dries up and dies. Too much water can also be problematic and cause the grass to drown. Knowing how much water is too much water will ensure you have a beautiful, healthy lawn. Here’s a few things to consider when watering your lawn. Where you live The first factor in how much water you need to provide your lawn, is how much rain and moisture is already provided by mother nature. If you[...]
Choosing the Right Grass for Your Home
Deciding on which variety of turf to choose can be overwhelming, especially with such a large variety readily available on the Australian market. There are many different factors that go into the decision and knowing which grasses are best for your area, and which ones will simply take too much time and effort to keep alive will play a part in deciding which one is best for you. One of the best ways to ensure that your lawn is as successful as possible is to go with native Australian grasses. By using native grasses, you can rest assured that they[...]
What’s the Best Type of Grass for Drought Affected Areas?
Picking a grass that suits your climate is an important factor. With many areas of Australia being affected by drought and other weather issues, it is important to find a grass that will grow in drought-affected areas. You don’t want to plant native Australian grasses that require lots of water and moisture to grow. The last thing you want is your hard-earned money being poured down the drain in terms of water consumption, just to keep your grass green. Instead, picking a grass variety that works best for your environment is a better choice. Which grasses are best suited for[...]
The Best Types of Grass for Large Yards and Properties
There are many different options to consider when deciding on which type of turf would work best for your lawn. Some options are better suited to larger properties, whereas others are better left for smaller areas due to their maintenance levels. Those of course are not the only considerations. The number one choice for larger yards and properties in Australia is a kikuyu lawn. Although it is typically seen in commercial properties, it’s also an excellent choice for residential use, especially in larger yards. Reasons why Kikuyu Lawns are popular: Kikuyu lawns are fast growing. Excellent for larger properties needing[...]
Why Are Some Turfs More Expensive Than Others?
High quality turf will often carry higher prices than other types of turf, which may leave your wondering, what makes the price difference. After all, all types of turf are just different types of grass, so what makes some expensive while others are not. Soil Quality Higher quality turf will be grown in higher quality soil. Soil that is better built, with higher levels of nutrients that your lawn needs will cost more than low grade soil. This investment in the soil will mean a better lawn overall, as it better supplies what the turf needs to grow. Seed Varieties[...]
5 tips to having the best-looking yard on the street!
Let’s be honest, you want your lawns to be beautiful, lush and manicured. The kind of soft, green carpet that is blissful to walk on in bare feet and looks great all summer long. The burning question is, how can you create that slice of paradise right in your own yard? A stunning lawn isn’t impossible.  It’s not rocket science either.  It is simply a combination of excellent starter product, dedication and responsible care.  Making the choice to lay established grass from a trusted turf supplier will give you a huge advantage – the professionals know exactly what will suit[...]
How to be environmentally responsible and have great looking lawn
These days, everyone is wanting that ‘green, green grass of home…’  In fact, the perfect lawn is on the top of the priority list for many homeowners.  And the good news is that you can achieve that ‘dream about lawn’ and be environmentally responsible as well.  Here are some tips to make sure that your lawn is green, not only in colour but in every way. Your first step towards sustainable lawn care is to think carefully about what type of grass you use for your lawn.  Consider the climate, the amount of water available and what shade and/or sun[...]

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