Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass

For many home and business owners, Buffalo Grass is a great and popular choice. It has fast become one of the most popular choices of lawns. Rivers Edge Turf provides both sapphire buffalo grass and palmetto buffalo grass. Australia has voted with their lawns, and the benefits of buffalo grass outweigh those of other lawns. Aussies are using Buffalo Grass for shaded areas as it has an excellent ability to thrive under shady conditions. Very few other varieties can give you such a great lawn in these situations.

At River's Edge Turf we love lawns and we would love to help you get the perfect lawn for your home or business. There are many factors in getting this right, but a quick conversation on the phone can often set you on the right path. Why not give us a call on 02 4579 9009 so we can help you with information on buffalo grass, buy turf, or discuss which variety might be best for you. We also offer a full service from our door to laying your entire lawn for you.

Buffalo Grass Description

Buffalo grass is a low growing, commonly only 20 to 25 centimetres high, warm-season perennial grass. Individual leaf blades may reach 25 to 30 centimetres in length, but they fall over and give the turf a short appearance. Buffalo grass has a stoloniferous growth habit, curly leaves, and both staminate and pistillate flowers. Staminate (male) plants have 2 to 3 flag-like, one-sided spikes on a seed stalk 4 to 6 inches high. Spikelets, usually 10, are 4 mm long in two rows on one side of the rachis.

Buffalo grass for lawns is a very hardy grass and grows mostly in the North American prairies. The North American prairies lie in the middle of the continent and have a dry climate during the summer, and a very cold and windy climate in the winter. Buffalo Grass Australia has worked very well in our climate with customers proving their love for it. Buffalo Grass for sale in Sydney has been popular for many decades.

The following is some information on Buffalo Grass Types...

Sapphire Buffalo Grass

Sapphire Buffalo GrassSapphire buffalo grass is hard-wearing and easy to grow. It's a great choice for dry climates. This type of buffalo grass grows well in anything from 70% shade to full sun and is an excellent choice of turf if you have pets or children.

The sapphire buffalo grass has all the benefits of other high-performance soft leaf buffalo grasses. It needs less water, is greener in winter, can grow well in sun or shade and is hard-wearing. This type of buffalo grass, however, has the added benefit of a finer texture due to its folding leaf. When Sapphire buffalo grass is mature, its leaf folds at tight angles along its axis resulting in a fine texture.

Internode Length: 50.4mm average
Leaf Width: 6.4mm average
Leaf Colour: Colour Green (RHS 137A)
Leaf Length: 20.2mm average

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Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Palmetto Buffalo GrassPalmetto buffalo grass is also a very popular variety of buffalo grass with families. It has a very soft leaf which is less likely to irritate young skin. The grass remains an outstanding green in the winter, tolerates shade and is drought resistant. For this reason, the palmetto buffalo grass requires less mowing, has fewer weed issues and has less seed head, which is a great thing for people with allergies.

This type of buffalo grass has a very soft leaf and unlike older scratchy buffalo lawns it is not likely to irritate young children. It has a great colour even through the winter months when the grass is known to lose its green colour. Palmetto grass has on average a 75.5% better winter colour than other buffalo grass types. It has great shade tolerance and also performs well in the sun.

Blade Width: 8-9mm
Colour: Dark Green
Mowing Height: 3.8cm - 6.4cm

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Some Basic Information on Buffalo Grass Maintenance and Care...

- Fertiliser. You will need a good, year-round fertilising plan to keep your lawn looking at its best. Ideally, you will fertilise it every two months. Be sure to use the manufacturer's recommended dosage rates. Any fertiliser which is high in nitrogen will work well so you do not need to purchase a specific Buffalo Grass fertiliser.

- Lawn Mowing. Regular mowing is best to prevent thatching and scalping. It should also keep the lawn looking more green and lush. In the spring and summer seasons, this will usually be once a week. For the best results cut your lawn to between 35mm and 65mm.

- Lawn Disease. Diseases such as Brown Patch are possible. This looks like a circular brown patch on your lawn. This can be fixed by aerating the lawn and by cutting the grass higher. It is best that you pause your fertilising efforts whilst fixing the disease.

- Watering. You should only water your buffalo grass in the morning. This will give it water during the hottest part of the day. It also means that the water doesn't seep through the ground and wastewater. It will also help to minimise the risk of fungal diseases.

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Buffalo Grass Price Sydney

We are always competitive when it comes to pricing. However, the price will often depend on how much you are planning to buy and whether you plan to lay the buffalo grass turf yourself or whether you would like to take advantage of some of our expert turf services. Either way, it's best you call us on 02 4579 9009 so we can come up with the right option for you and your situation. We will do our best to give you the best buffalo grass cost.

Rivers Edge Turf wishes to share all you need to know about buffalo grass growing through their blogs starting from the basic information to extensive tips on caring for your buffalo turf. Read our blogs for more information.

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