Benefits of Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Benefits of Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Every person wants a grass he or she can simply mow, fertilize once a year, water less and above all, a grass that looks greats every season. Palmetto buffalo grass provides all that. It is a grass that has a very soft leaf unlike any other type of Palmetto grass. This means it cannot irritate your young kids. Its soft leaf and exciting green colour makes it a popular choice for many residential gardens in Australia.

Benefits of Palmetto Buffalo Grass

1. Palmetto buffalo grass has an outstanding colour

Palmetto buffalo lawn has an outstanding green colour than any other buffalo grass type. In fact, research shows that Palmetto buffalo grass has 75.5% better green colour than other buffalo grass types.

2. Has great shade tolerance

Palmetto buffalo grass performs very well in direct sunlight and also thrives very well in shaded areas. Most grasses cannot survive in extreme shade. Palmetto buffalo grass requires two to four hours of direct sunlight, and it good to go.

3. Palmetto buffalo grass requires less mowing

Unlike most Palmetto turf, Palmetto buffalo grass needs less mowing. Even though Palmetto buffalo lawn grows across the ground very fast, its upward leaf growth is actually less than any buffalo grass type. The main reason why people buy Palmetto buffalo grass is because it requires less mowing. In fact, Palmetto grass is the only buffalo grass being sold in Australia that requires less mowing.

4. Palmetto buffalo grass is more drought resistance

Palmetto buffalo lawn has a great deep root system. This makes it more drought resistance. The grass is an efficient water user and can survive for long in dry conditions. This makes it a winter green grass and a summer green grass.

5. Palmetto buffalo grass is great at outcompeting weeds

When Palmetto buffalo grass become well established in the ground, it is less likely to allow weeds to invade. Palmetto buffalo grass actively grows very well in winter. And this is the time when other types of buffalo grass experience weed problems. Obviously, weeds can develop in a Palmetto buffalo grass, but not much as other types of buffalo grass. If weeds develop, please consult an expert.

6. Palmetto buffalo grass is good for people with allergies

Palmetto buffalo grass has less seed heads that are known to cause allergies. This means it is a good grass for both children and pets. According to various studies, Palmetto buffalo turf has 40% less seed head than any other buffalo grass type.

7. It has good wear recovery

Palmetto buffalo grass has a good growth and also provides a good recovery from wear. If your garden has a lot of wear due to dogs and children, Palmetto buffalo grass will recovery very fast from wear.

8. Have a good disease and pest tolerance

Palmetto buffalo lawn is known to have a good tolerance to various diseases such as grey leaf spot. It is also resistance to several pests that include lawn grub. Off course diseases and pests can occasionally attack your grass but generally, Palmetto buffalo grass has a good tolerance to numerous diseases and pests. If problems occur, please seek expert’s advice.


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