What Is The Best Type Of Lawn For Coastal Areas?

What Is The Best Type Of Lawn For Coastal Areas?

Trying to decide on a type of lawn for your coastal property?  Choosing the right sort of grass is super important, especially when you live in an area with demanding environmental conditions. Plant the right species of grass and your coastal lawn will be the envy of your neighbours; plant the wrong species of grass and you’ll find drowning in a sea of trouble…

A new lawn is a significant investment, so it pays to do your research before you buy.  Firstly, take the time to think about what your expectations are for your new lawn.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • traffic tolerance
  • maintenance
  • self-repairing qualities
  • water requirements
  • salt tolerance
  • sunlight/shade tolerance

Maintaining a garden in salty, coastal conditions is challenging to say the least.  However, thankfully there are several species of grass that are hardy enough to thrive even in these rugged conditions:

Nara Grass

This is fair dinkum Aussie grass for Australian lawns!  Nara grass is renown for low maintenance, requiring fertilising only twice each year.  It has greater drought and salt tolerance than most other species of grass and will bounce back well even after extended periods of drought.

Buffalo Grass

It’s tough, tolerant and requires little maintenance.  Buffalo grass has long been a favourite with homeowners across the country because it tolerates both full sunlight and shady conditions and can stand up to a hefty amount of wear and tear.

Best Lawn For Coastal Areas

Sapphire Buffalo Grass

If you’re looking for a high performer with great year-round colour and superior drought tolerance, Sapphire Buffalo may be your answer.  This hardy species does well in most situations, from full sunlight to 70% shade.  It’s soft leaf and great self-repairing qualities make it a great choice if your lawn is going to be used by children and/or pets.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Concerned about allergies?  Palmetto Buffalo has a soft leaf and produces less seed head than most other grass varieties, which makes it a preferred option for people who suffer from grass allergies.  Another excellent performer, Palmetto retains excellent all-year colour, tolerates shady conditions and is highly drought resistant.

Preparing for your new Coastal Lawn

If you’re prepared to invest a little extra time and effort into preparing your soil before you lay your new turf, you’ll be well rewarded.  It pays to test the pH of your soil and make the necessary adjustments before the grass goes down.  Rake out your soil, remove any weeds and rocks and build it up using an organic mulch if necessary.

After Care

Your newly laid turf will require regular watering and maintenance until it becomes established. Be sure to follow your supplier’s instructions to a tee and then sit back, relax and enjoy the results!

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