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buffalo grass care

Buffalo grass is becoming more popular by the day. It is the preference of most people growing trendy lawns in their homes. Buffalo is a kind of low growing grass that uniformly covers the lawn thus making it attractive. It has many qualities that make people go for it, especially in Australia. When properly taken care of, Buffalo grass makes for neat and classy lawns. It is therefore important to know what is required in Buffalo grass care.

Buffalo Grass Care

Choosing the Right Species There are many species of buffalo grass: Palmetto, Sapphire and Shademaster are some of the most popular. Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses. The Palmetto is the best for least thatching, sun tolerance and drought recovery. Thatching is the depositing of dry leaves on the ground forming a thick layer. Buffalo grass generally thatches so much when planted in the open sun. Those who don’t like that can go for the Palmetto variety. The Sapphire has the best shade tolerance. It can be grown under trees with the least trouble. However, all the varieties generally grow in the shade. Planting and Watering All these species are planted in very much the same way. It helps to have a fairly level ground loosened through shallow plowing. The grass is then planted accompanied with ammonia and nitrate rich fertilizer for the overall greenness. All of them have relatively wide blades that cover the lawn well with a rich green color. Watering the grass is a must during the dry season. It is better to water the grass every week. The watering should be done towards the evening to avoid excess loss of water through evaporation. Mowing A major component of Buffalo grass care is constant mowing, since the grass looks beautiful and covers the ground when cut. Grass generally grows fast when there is ample water. Mowing can be done once every two weeks in wet weather, and once a month during drought. Most people keep their lawns watered throughout and so twice a month would be a good general rule. However for the particularly meticulous, once a week will do. Tear and Wear Recovery When grass has been trampled a lot due to whatever reason, it suffers great damage in terms of stem breakages and blade loss. However, grass is pretty resilient and will recover after such breakages. All the different varieties are good at recovering after extreme trampling on or a long drought. Nevertheless, watering aids in this kind of recovery. Overall Beauty Buffalo grass care is easier than most people imagine. The reason it looks out of this world is its the extreme beauty at its greenest. It has mistakenly been associated with rich persons over the years, mainly because it is so neat when manicured. However, buffalo grass care is no rocket science and does not cost the earth either. There is absolutely no harm is growing the grass even if you just do it in bits. Sooner or later you will be glad at the great work you have done, when your friends begin congratulating you. If you’d like more information on buffalo grass care or would like to purchase some buffalo turf for your home, contact Rivers Edge Turf today!


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