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buffalo grass for saleDiscover why buffalo grass is best for your lawn.

If you have a considerably big lawn or backyard, installing the ideal turf converts it into an adorable playground. If you have children, discover why buffalo grass is just the right type of turf for them. Similarly, find out the various varieties of buffalo grass for sale.

Buffalo Grass For Sale

Buffalo grass has been very popular in Australia since it arrived on the SS Buffalo ship in the early 1840s. Although some varieties of the grass are found in Africa and the Caribbean, Australia leads in popularity. When it first arrived, the grass was quite sturdy, scratching people’s skin. Luckily, scientists developed much softer varieties.

The top two varieties in terms of popularity are Sapphire and Palmetto. They are admired because of their low water requirement. The buffalo grass has been observed to take up approximately half of what other varieties do. Actually, over-watering it could decrease its strength. Other varieties include Common Buffalo, ST 85, Kings Pride, Shademaster, and Matilda.

Most grass varieties need to be mowed regularly as they grow tall fast. This is not the case with buffalo grass. You can go for a month-long holiday without worry, as it does not grow more than six inches tall. This means you will only need to mow your lawn once in a month. With this advantage, you will actually cut down on the cost of fueling your lawn mower.

Even when you need to mow, the leaves of the grass are soft, guaranteeing a stress-free experience. In this regard, let your buffalo grass grow to a substantial height. This way, it will send its roots deeper to the ground to search for nutrients. The deeper the roots go, the more drought resistant your grass will become.

Few grass varieties are resistant to pests and insects, and the buffalo grass variety is not an exception. Chinch bugs, for example cause damage to the leaves by boring holes in search of grass juice. This causes the grass to change its colour from green to brownish colour. Fortunately, you can easily spray a pesticide to rid off the bugs. It is advisable not to spray during rainfall or in windy weather.

There are numerous dealers in Australia with buffalo grass for sale. Like many homeowners in the country, take advantage of the low-priced grass. Another benefit of this variety is that it withstands most afflictions. Unlike other varieties, buffalo grass is only prone to a couple of diseases. They include Summer Patch Disease, Brown Patch Disease, Leaf Spot Disease, and Melting Out Disease. Even when the grass is affected, it sheds the disease off on the onset of a new season.

Buffalo grass for sale is ideal for use in homestead as well as in sports grounds. Fun lovers frequent recreational parks with well-maintained buffalo grass. Similarly, it can do well in golf courses. More importantly, the variety needs a considerable shed for it to thrive well. Contact local turf growers in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and other cities to compare different varieties of buffalo grass for sale.

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