The Buying Guide to the Best Lawns

The Buying Guide to the Best Lawns

When deciding what kind of grass to turf your lawn with, the amount of available choices can be extremely overwhelming. You want something that is well matched to the climate where you live, as well as being suited to your personal preferences. There are a lot of different types of grasses available, from Kikuyu to Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo, and each brings its own drawbacks and benefits to the table. Let’s look at some of the more popular grass species for lawns, and break down what’s unique about each.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass:

This is a relatively new species of grass, only discovered in 2002, that has grown in popularity since its discovery. It is preferred largely due to its bluish hue and hardy nature. Additionally it does not require a large amount of watering. It is also the only variety of Buffalo grass that does not cause thatching problems. This can occur when the dry and dead grass forms a matted layer just above the soil. Sapphire soft leaf buffalo is also resistant to shade, and has a very high growth rate, allowing it to cope well with moderate to heavy traffic.

Couch Grass:

This is probably the most popular grass currently used in Australia today, and it can be seen on private lawns and public spaces alike. Couch grass has a fine leaf blade and cuts beautifully when mowed. It’s also one of the most economical grass species available, and is highly resistant to heat and draught. When properly maintained, Couch grass is also extremely quick to repair. The main drawback of Couch grass is that it is not well suited for the shade. It is much better off with ample sun exposure.

Kikuyu Grass:

This grass is low growing, with soft leaves that grow very fine hairs. The species is native to East Africa, and known for its abilities to grow and spread incredibly rapidly. Kikuyu is highly draught resistant, and has high wear resistance due to the quickness of its growth. This, coupled with its attractive feel, has made Kikuyu extremely popular in areas such as Australia, South Africa, and Southern California.

Nara Grass:

This grass variety is a native to Australia that has recently grown in popularity. Nara is known for being low maintenance, requiring fertilizer only a couple of time a year. Nara also has incredible resistance to pests and disease, draught and salt, making it ideal for coastal areas.

With so many species of grass to choose for your lawn, there’s no reason not to find something that will be perfect for your home, as well as the weather conditions where you live. No matter what grass you choose, it’s important to make sure you are giving it the proper love and care, as good maintenance is a huge factor in lawn health


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