Mowing Buffalo Grass Too Short: How It Can Do More Damage Than Good

Mowing Buffalo Grass Too Short

Mowing Buffalo Grass Too Short

Mowing Buffalo Grass too short will ensure you never have to mow your Buffalo Grass too often… Because it will be dead!

Most turf varieties will suffer poor health when mowed too short, especially if they are then not taken care of.

While we often want our lawn to look like a bowling green, mowing buffalo grass too short means it simply won’t survive. Here are a few reasons why…

Mowing Buffalo Grass Too Short

Have you ever tried to maintain a bowling green? It’s tough work, trust us! In order to keep lawns at such low heights it needs to be heavily maintained with fertilising, mowing every few days, very deep watering, lawn nutrient management, and disease control. This is because lawn kept at such a low height isn’t able to keep its nutrients in its leaves like longer lawns.

Mowing buffalo grass too short in particular will be detrimental.

If you mow your buffalo grass too short it will

  • Cause it to develop its thatch layer much faster and thicker, especially when grown in full sun.
  • Cause it to become very poor health and susceptible to disease and pest invasions.
  • Cause it to lose much of its shade tolerance due to lack of green leaf.

Buffalo grass a with longer leaf (cut not so short)  will always be greener and more lush, and be far more shade tolerant, and more resistant to weeds, pests and diseases than shorter buffalo grass.

To ensure you aren’t mowing your lawn too short, mow it at a height of 30 to 50 mm. Anything lower will cause it to struggle. Pay close attention to mowing at the correct height and be assured of a much healthier buffalo grass lawn all year round, and for many more years into the future too.

If you think you have been mowing your buffalo grass too short contact us for advice on how to get it back to full health.

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