Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Palmetto Buffalo GrassPalmetto Buffalo Grass

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a type of Buffalo grass that is available all over Australia. It is famous for its attractive winter color and soft leaves. Palmetto grass is tough and requires a little amount of water to grow and also calls for less mowing. This grass has broad leaves and is a tough and soft leaf type of buffalo grass. It has a deep dark green color and becomes dormant during winter in order to maintain its color. Palmetto is mowed at heights of 35 and 65 mm.


Why choose Palmetto Buffalo Grass for your lawn?

Palmetto Buffalo grass has a few major advantages over other types of turf. Let us take a look at what makes this type of grass a good choice for your lawn here in Australia.

Soft leaves

Palmetto grass has the softest leaves in comparison with other types of buffalo grass. This means that it is comfortable to walk on and it does not cause injury to children when they fall on it.

Shade tolerant

Palmetto grass tolerates shade levels of up to 70%.

Recoveries after drought

Lawns that stay green for a long time are preferred by many people. Palmetto maintains its green color even when little water is available. It recovers quickly after a drought and becomes fully green before other types of grass even begin recovering.

Sun tolerant and less thatching

Palmetto grass continues to grow well under sunny conditions. It has less least thatching even when grown in full sunlight. In comparison to other types of buffalo grass, it does not become spongy during the sunny season.

Weeds control

Palmetto shows a high resistance to weeds. Well established Palmetto grass forms a thick growth which enables it to out-compete the growth of weeds.

Low maintenance cost

Palmetto requires very little maintenance. It requires less mowing, less de-thatching and less water thus reducing the maintenance cost.
Another factor that contributes to this low cost is the fact that it out-competes weeds and also recovers quickly after drought.

Benefits of Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Attractive winter color

Palmetto Buffalo grass has a deep dark green color. It maintains this color throughout winter thus giving your lawn an attractive color during this period.

Good wear and tear handling

Palmetto Buffalo grass has good wear and tear properties. These properties enable it to quickly repair itself from damage and resume its original healthy state.

Pest and Disease tolerance

Palmetto is more resistant to common grass pests such as lawn grab. It is also has high tolerance levels to most diseases that attack grass.

Low seeding

Palmetto grass, when compared to other types of buffalo grass, exhibits the lowest seeding levels. This makes it more comfortable to walk on barefooted during this period and it also does not look that bad.

Where can you get Palmetto Buffalo grass for your lawn?

If you are considering planting Palmetto on your lawn, you can get it from Rivers Edge Turf. We will provide you with high quality Palmetto Buffalo grass and give you advice to ensure that your Palmetto grass grows properly on your lawn. For more details, send us an email at sales@returf.com.au, call us on 02 4579 9009 or simply fill out our online contact form.

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