Is Palmetto Grass A Shade Tolerant Variety?

Is Palmetto Grass A Shade Tolerant Variety?

Every landscaper knows the struggles of growing grass in shady areas. Whether your garden is full of trees, you’re looking to lay turf under a covered area, or you live in a high-density housing environment, it’s important to choose a grass that can withstand low light.

So, is Palmetto grass shade tolerant? When taken care of, Palmetto Buffalo grass is one of the most shade tolerant options on the market. However, before laying the turf it’s important to understand its full characteristics so it can grow properly. 

Understanding shade tolerance

No grass is 100% shade tolerant. Your lawn will always need some amount of sunlight in order to survive. Different types of turf are given a percentage indicating how much shade they can tolerate per day. Palmetto is a variety of Buffalo grass and has a 70% shade tolerance, meaning it can withstand 70% shade per day and needs at least 30% sun. It will function well in an area that has dappled light, such as under trees, or in a spot that gets roughly 2-4 hours of full sun per day.

Evaluating your space

When choosing which turf to lay, it’s important to evaluate the space you’re working with to determine how much sun the area gets. This will help you decide which turf is most appropriate. Perhaps your lawn gets a few hours of strong afternoon sun but is completely covered in the morning. Maybe it gets a full day of sunlight, but most of the surface area is blocked by trees.

Is Palmetto grass shade tolerant?

It’s also important to look at what future obstacles will be present, such as trees that are yet to reach their full height, or any construction occurring in and around your property.

The answer to the question “Is palmetto grass shade tolerant” will largely depend on just how much shade is present. If your area has up to 70% shade and the grass will still receive some sun, then Palmetto could be a great option.

Caring for your Palmetto grass

Thankfully, Palmetto grass is one of the easiest lawn types to care for. It’s very robust, weed-resistant, and can survive in high-heat, low-water environments.

One thing to keep in mind is that your grass needs to be mowed to different cutting heights depending on how shady the area is. The golden rule is the more shade, the higher you’ll need to mow your lawn. The taller leaves allow the grass to photosynthesise more sunlight in darker areas. If your grass is cut too short, it will begin to starve from lack of nutrients, and will eventually die off.

So, is palmetto grass shade tolerant? The short answer – yes. Palmetto Buffalo grass is not only one of the most shade-tolerant grasses available, but also one of the most tolerant to many extreme weather conditions.

If you are considering planting Palmetto grass on your lawn, Rivers Edge Turf can help you out. We will provide you with high-quality Palmetto Buffalo grass and give you the advice to ensure it grows properly. To get in touch, send us an email at sales@returf.com.au or call us on 02 4579 9009.


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