Palmetto Grass and the Various Benefits

Palmetto Grass and the Various Benefits

palmetto grass

Consider Palmetto Grass For Your Next Lawn Project

Did you know that there are thousands upon thousands of identified grass species around the world? Of course, many of them are not suitable for Aussie conditions. The harsh summers we get in some parts of the country would kill off most of the more delicate grasses in less than a day. This is why we only stock what we consider to be the best grasses for Australian conditions.

Our range of Buffalo grasses are a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial applications. Buffalo grass itself is generally a hardy and durable plant that is excellent in our tough environmental conditions. For many people though, the problem is that some varieties can be a little coarse for their liking. This is especially true of families with young children who like to roll around on the grass and play.

The Sapphire variety, for example, presents with fantastic drought tolerance and has many other positive qualities, but it is not as soft or spongy as other varieties. When mature, the fine blades of grass tend to fold in on one another and create a dense carpet that looks great and is highly durable, but not so great for young bodies to fall on or roll around on. For this reason, when one of our customers is interested in a Buffalo variety that is good for a family lawn, we always recommend the Palmetto grass variety first.

The Benefits of Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Like other Buffalo varieties, the Palmetto grass type is tolerant of quite a bit of shade and also offers excellent drought tolerance. This makes it the ideal candidate for Aussie conditions in areas that experience harsh and dry summers especially. Even during a particularly hot summer, it will typically recover more quickly than other grasses and requires less water. We understand that some cities implement drought policies that limit garden watering during their summers, so Palmetto grass would be a good candidate for reseeding a lawn or developing a new one.

Apart from the drought tolerance and durability it shares with Sapphire, Palmetto grass also features softer blades. In fact, it is considered to be the softest Buffalo grass variety and many of our customers prefer it in areas where they know that kids and pets will be playing. This characteristic also makes it a great grass type for public parks and other spaces where a combination of durability and leaf comfort is desired. Despite all of its durability, Palmetto turns an attractive deep green colour during winter time and when there is abundant rain available.

Buffalo grass, in general, is actually a really cost effective grass because it requires so much less maintenance than other species. The fact that it is drought tolerant, requires little water and recovers relatively quickly after a drought means that watering costs will be generally a lot lower. For those looking for a low maintenance lawn, any of our Buffalo grasses are an excellent choice.

Here at Rivers Edge Turf, we’re only too happy to help and answer any questions you might have. Whether you need a child-friendly soft grass or one that is for a low maintenance area, we really know and understand our grasses! If you’d like to read more about Palmetto Buffalo grass in particular, please find out more by clicking here.


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