Sapphire Buffalo Grass

sapphire buffalo grass
sapphire turfSapphire Buffalo Grass

Sapphire Buffalo grass, which was first discovered in the year 2002, gets its name from its blue colored hue. It is also a type of grass that does not need to be watered frequently. In addition, it has deep roots and it will continue to look nice and green even in the winter months. Best of all, despite its fine texture, this grass remains very resilient. The fine texture of this grass comes from its folding leaves. Upon maturity, Sapphire Buffalo grass leaves start to fold very tightly along the axis, giving the grass its fine texture.

Sapphire Buffalo grass is the only kind of Buffalo grass that does not cause thatching problems. What’s more, it also does not wear out easily and nor does it grow slowly. In spite of heavy frost cover, Sapphire Buffalo grass still retains its winter color. It also does not wilt in cold climates. Under testing it was found that it could survive in temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celsius.

This grass is the premier Buffalo grass in terms of its tolerance to shade. As a matter of fact, this grass can be grown in up to seventy percent shade in any area with low wear, and in up to fifty percent shade in those areas, which have moderate to very high wear.

Sapphire Buffalo grass grows very rapidly, and so can cope admirably well with high traffic. This grass is a real high performer and its tight mat as well as high performance makes it an ideal choice, especially since it won’t allow weeds to grow in its vicinity.

sapphire buffalo turf

Sapphire Buffalo turf is also drought tough. Its deep roots help to ensure that the grass continues to look great even when watered infrequently. The only time when it is necessary to water the grass more frequently is under drought conditions or when there is severe heat.

This variety of grass is much less spongy than other Buffalo varieties. At regular salt-water pool levels, it is one of the best options; because it has excellent wear resistance and brief recovery times. Ideally, this grass should be mowed to a height of between 35 and 45 millimeters in the sun, and between 50 and 60 mm in the shade. Because its stolons grow so quickly, this type of grass is able to recover admirably well from injury.

Also, because of its super fine texture, Sapphire Buffalo is the first choice for people who want to maintain a lawn with finely textured grass.

The bottom line is that Sapphire Buffalo grass maintains excellent color in the sun as well as in the shade. Its most unique characteristic is its fine leaves. It also offers the same advantages as similar high performing grasses varieties and it is suitable for use in residential lawns, commercial lawns as well as parks. Its average leaf width is 6.4 mm; its average leaf length is 20.2 mm and its average internode length is 50.4 mm.

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