Some Interesting Facts About Buffalo Grass Types And Uses

Some Interesting Facts About Buffalo Grass Types And Uses

It’s become one of Australia’s favorites.  All over the country, homeowners are loving it.  So are their children, their pets, and their budgets.  It’s tough, hardy, water-wise and above all, beautiful.


There are several different buffalo grass types, all of which have become popular choices for both domestic and commercial lawns.  And for good reason, too.  When you need a lawn that’s reliable, resilient and self-repairing, buffalo is certainly a wise choice.  Let’s face it: we expect a fair bit from our turf.  We want grass that will tolerate both shade and sun, stand up to everyday rough’n’tumble and foot traffic, not add too much to the water bill, but still look great!  That’s definitely a lot to ask… but Buffalo grass has a lot to offer!


Here are a few interesting facts about different Buffalo grass types that are well worth knowing:

buffalo grass types

  1. Shade Tolerance

Most lawns have shady patches, sometime during the day.  And some areas of your lawn may be shaded most of the time.  Sapphire Buffalo grass thrives in a huge range of conditions (from full sun to 70% shade) which makes it a perfect choice for homeowners who want a good ‘all-round’ grass.  It is also a great choice for parks or other public venues where the turf needs to grow in both shaded and sunny areas.

  1. Winter Color

One of the top priorities for many home owners is a grass that looks good all year round.  And that is where Buffalo grass really shines!  Palmetto Buffalo grass maintains outstanding winter green when many other species of lawn have lost their color.

buffalo grass types

  1. Allergy Levels

We all want to be able to enjoy the grass, so when a lawn is going to be frequently used by children and/or pets, it’s super important to choose a variety that has low allergen levels.  Palmetto’s soft leaf means that is less likely to irritate sensitive skin.  In addition to this, buffalo grass varieties produce a lot less pollen than species such as Rye or Bermuda, which makes them a much healthier choice for allergy sufferers.

  1. Water Wise

Many Aussie homeowners live in climates which experience hot, dry summers.  And even if you don’t have to abide by the council’s water restrictions, you still have to bear the pain of paying your water bill at the end of the quarter…  That’s why a water-wise lawn is essential.  Buffalo grass has high drought tolerance levels and can self-repair quite effectively after the dry spell has passed.  Of course, maintaining correct watering routines helps to establish a deep root system that is more robust and able to withstand heat and drought.


At River’s Edge Turf, we love Buffalo grass.  Our team are keen to help you establish and maintain a lawn that lives up to and goes beyond your expectations, all year round.  For more information and tips, call us today on 02 4579 9009 and chat with one of our staff.


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