Winter Lawn Care

winter lawn care

Winter Lawn Care

Winter is well and truly here, I don’t know if you noticed? Now is the time for some winter lawn care. We are all huddling inside trying to keep warm. But how is your lawn doing, sitting out there in the cold? Believe it or not, winter is an excellent time to fix and feed your lawn so that it will tip top for summer. Here are some suggestions on what you can do for you lawn in these cold months…

Get rid of those weeds

Your lawn is at it’s weakest state in winter, it doesn’t grow as aggressively. This gives the weeds a chance to encroach on the lawns territory. Non-grass weeds can be managed with a herbicide. Often these are called Broadleaf weeds. Here are some examples…

  • Clover (my pet peeve)
  • Dandelions (the kids like them, but they are still weeds)
  • Lawn Daisies (yep, weeds not flowers…)
  • Cudweed
  • Thistles (ouch…)

You can find various herbicides at your local garden retailer. Some weedkillers use a poison called bromoxynil which is safer to use on sensitive grasses.

Use a Weed and Feed

These preparations are great to give your lawn some sustenance whilst killing off those pesky weeds. They can come in dry form or as a hose on attachment.

Fertilise, Fertilise, Fertilise

At the end of winter, around late August, is the best time to feed your lawn. A slow release fertiliser is good for this task. It means you don’t have to feed it as often as the nutrients leak out step by step, in some cases for up to 3 months. Dynamic lifter is great for your lawn, although you may not enjoy the smell. There are also a variety of soil wetters which help the nutrients get to the base of the root system.

Aerate and Spike

Get out the old garden fork and prepare for a good old-fashioned workout. The soil gets compacted in winter and a good spike will help fix this problem. Stick that fork in as far as you can!


If you know what type of lawn you have you can buy some seeds and sow them over the top of your existing lawn. This will be sure to thicken up your lawn and coming into spring the seeds will catch and grow.

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