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The Best Native Grasses For The Australian Climate
There’s a good argument for growing native Australian grass: it does well here because it belongs here.  We live in a country of climatic extremes, so native grasses that flourish in any given zone do so for one common reason: they’ve adapted to suit the prevailing weather and soil conditions. They’re generally tough, hardy, robust and tolerant. For whatever reason, when talking about new lawns, different types of couch grass are often a customer’s first thoughts. And, while there’s no doubt couch makes great lawns, there are many Australian grasses that are just as good.  And, added bonus, they’re native.[...]
Growing Couch Grass From Seed – Keeping Our Carbon Footprint Low!
As we progress into a future in which the environment is an increasingly large concern, not just for governments, but for individuals as well, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint in hopes that they might be able to make a difference. This can lead many people to examine their own lifestyles and personal habits. One of the things that many may begin to consider is whether their lawn has positive or detrimental effects on the environment. While this is a complicated question, there are pros and cons to keeping a lawn, as well as ways[...]
Choosing Between The Various Types Of Couch Turf
When it comes to choosing the type of grass for your yard, or for any kind of area, public or private, there are a lot of different options to choose from. In Australia one of the most popular types of grass used today is called Couch Grass, also commonly known as Couch Turf. A perennial grass species native to most of Europe, Asia, and Northwest Africa. With many different varieties to choose from, and numerous benefits it is no wonder that Couch Turf has become such a well-known and widely used option for turf, lawns, and fields. Types of Couch[...]
Assessing The Special Character Of Santa Anna Couch Grass   When assessing grass varieties, we always look for a species that will thrive in Australian conditions. What this effectively means is that the grass needs to be tough, durable, and drought resistant. Part of the reason that Couch grass is so popular here in Australia is that it is a durable variety that thrives in Aussie conditions. We actually stock several varieties of Couch grass, including Santa Anna, Greenleas, and Wintergreen. The special character of Santa Anna Couch grass makes it ideal for a pretty wide range of uses. Like[...]
So What Is Couch Grass? Let’s talk about the benefits! We’d hazard a guess that most people don’t think about their lawn very much. In fact, we’d say that most people just water whatever grass happens to be out there in the garden without giving much thought to the type of grass it is, and what kinds of advantages another species of grass might offer them as homeowners. Even though grass happens to be our business here at Rivers Edge Turf, we understand why most people don’t give their own grass too much thought. After all, for most people, grass[...]
Each and every homeowner wants to have a good-looking home, one pleasant to the eyes. With different critiques that have been established in the past in a bid to boost the general outlook of homes, this is now possible. As a homeowner, you definitely want to increase the glamour of your home and provide that extra touch to it, one that will create a fantastic atmosphere for your guests. One thing is for sure, in your quest to have the best home you will have a lot of discoveries related to home improvement and maintenance. Make sure to give a[...]
Grass has been a staple of landscape planting for centuries. When considering a lawn, or garden grass, choosing the right variety to meet the demands of your environment, present the exact look and texture you want, and work well with the usage and traffic volume you have planned for your space, is the biggest key to success. Here are three Couch Grass descriptions, for areas that require that “just cut” luxurious look, associated with putting greens, and golf fairways the world over.
Couch grass is a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. It is a grass with a fine leaf blade with a dark green colour when it has great health. It mows beautifully with a cylinder mower and gives a great bowling green look. There are a number of couch grass benefits which make this type of grass a favourite for many. Couch Grass Benefits The first of the benefits of couch grass is the cost. Due to the fast-growing nature of couch grass, it makes it cheap to grow. Farmers can produce multiple crops of couch grass each year which[...]
A good lawn can make or break the impression of your home and garden. That’s why it’s best to consult us on your situation before you make up your mind and laying turf on your property. For the time being the most frequently asked question is: Can I Install a new lawn in the cooler months of the year? What variety can I install at this time of year? The answer to these two questions is Yes and most depending on where you live.
When the weather turns around and it doesn’t stop raining you can have multiple problems with your lawn no matter whether it is: Sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass Palmetto buffalo grass Kenda kikuyu grass Couch grass

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