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Couch Turf information is vital if you are thinking about laying the variety in your yard. There are a couple of different types of Couch Turf and we provide all the vital Couch Turf information to ensure you make the right choice.
The benefits of Couch Grass are extensive, making it one of the most popular lawn varieties on the market in Australia today. Couch Grass (pronounced ‘Cooch’) is a beautiful fine leaf grass and has a strong dark green colour. It is also known as Bermuda grass and is a well known lawn type in Australia. Some of the reasons Couch Grass is so popular include it’s price, it’s water resistance properties and it’s recovery ability.
Spring is now among us, so now is the time to start considering the care of your lawn for optimum growth during the Spring season.  It is a good idea to have a plan for the care of your grass, as it can help promote the growth a healthy lawn in the coming seasons of Spring and Summer. So let’s get planning for your Spring Lawn Care.
As the weather starts to warm up you will need to consider your lawn care as we move into Spring.  It is now time to commence mowing again, to feed your lawn and to check for any weeds that have come up.  Always use a recommended fertiliser for your variety of lawn and make sure you water it in well.  If you put the work in now,  your grass is going to be much healthier and greener. If your lawn is full of weeds you can try a selective herbicide.  However, before you do this, you must know what turf[...]
Are you considering replacing your lawn towards the end of Winter?  If so, there are some things that you may want to consider before you do it.  Some questions that you might want to be answered for example are,  when is the optimum time to do that in Australia?  Why choose a good quality underlay over a cheap alternative?

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