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Why Kikuyu Grass Is A Perfect Choice For Backyards
Tough; hardy; fast growing and highly drought tolerant.  How much more can you ask?  Kikuyu is one of Australia’s favorite picks for backyards right across the country.  From Queensland to Tasmania and across the country to WA, there are very few places it won’t grow.  That’s why it’s being used by homeowners all over who, have an eye for beautiful lawns. So, what makes it such a great choice?  Let’s take a closer look at a few of the great benefits of using Kikuyu grass for your lawn: Wear’n’tear Typically, our backyards get more than their fair share of use,[...]
The Best Types of Grass for Large Yards and Properties
There are many different options to consider when deciding on which type of turf would work best for your lawn. Some options are better suited to larger properties, whereas others are better left for smaller areas due to their maintenance levels. Those of course are not the only considerations. The number one choice for larger yards and properties in Australia is a kikuyu lawn. Although it is typically seen in commercial properties, it’s also an excellent choice for residential use, especially in larger yards. Reasons why Kikuyu Lawns are popular: Kikuyu lawns are fast growing. Excellent for larger properties needing[...]
We’ve Heard Of Kikuyu Turf, But Why Has It Become So Popular?
Kikuyu Turf (pennisetum clandestinum) is a type of tropical grass species that is native to East Africa and gets its name from the Gikuyu Tribe, who are native to the area. Although it is considered by some to be a noxious weed, the grass has become incredibly popular for gardens and lawns due to its being inexpensive and extremely draught-resistant. Kikuyu turf provides many benefits, from durability, to ease of growing, that make it a fantastic option for yards, fields, or any other outdoor space. In modern times the grass has become extremely popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,[...]
The Advantages of a Kikuyu Lawn   Here at Rivers Edge Turf, we’re proud to be able to offer some of the best grass available to our customers and clients in the greater Sydney area. While we love all of our grasses, our Kikuyu grass is probably our most popular product. A kikuyu lawn is a great way to cover both large and small areas and will be a joy for many years if looked after properly.   The Illustrious History of Kikuyu Grass   First introduced to Australia from Africa in 1919, Kikuyu grass is famous for its salt[...]
Why Choose Kenda Kikuyu Grass 
Kenda kikuyu grass is different to common lawns or any other new breed of Kikuyu grass. Most type of common grass produces seeds which can spread into your garden or other areas of your garden. The seeds can cause a lot of problems and may require a lot time and energy to get rid of them. However, this is not the case with Kenda Kikuyu grass. Kenda Kikuyu Grass Kenda Kikuyu turf is a male sterile; this means it is less likely to produce pollens, anthers or male gametes. Since it is less likely to produce seed, birds are less[...]
Rivers Edge Turf is committed to offering our clients with top class kikuyu grass for sale. We love nature and we pride ourselves with offering the best kikuyu grass to promote naturally greener environment in different regions. You could be asking, Why kikuyu grass? The answer is simple; it is the most cost effective and fast growing lawn that is suitable for high traffic areas and homes with large pets. Its ability to stay green for long during the fall and springs makes it a perfect choice for warm areas. This particular grass type can do well in irrigated areas.[...]
A good lawn consists of a carpet of beautiful green grass. This is the picture that comes into mind when we think of what type of grass to plant on our lawns. One of the greatest challenges here in Australia is to get a type of lawn grass that can put up with the dry spells. In order to understand it, we belive you need a Kikuyu Grass description. Kikuyu grass is one of the most compatible if not the best type of lawn grass for the Australian weather. The scientific name for Kikuyu grass is Pennisetum clandestinum. The origin[...]
Kikuyu grass (Pennietum clandestinum) is a warm season perennial grass, grows low and indigenous to Kenyan highlands of Africa. It spreads robustly by seeds, stolons and rhizomes. Its leaves and stems are covered with some fine hairs. It is has a course texture and commonly used as turf grass in sub-tropical regions & mild coastal climates and as a forage. Today, many kikuyu grass advantages increase its demand for turf needs.
Choosing the right grass for your home can be a daunting task. Here at Rivers Edge Turf, we want to make the decision easier for you by giving you all the information you need to make the right choice. If you are interested in Kenda Kikuyu Grass then here is some further information to help you decide whether this what you are looking for.
How To Kill Bindii’s: There is no doubt this is something everyone wants to know how to do successfully when working on maintaining a healthy lawn. Bindii’s get stuck in our clothes and shoes and HURT should we step on one with bare feet. While still maintaining a healthy lawn, we’ll teach you how to go about growing grass and killing bindii’s in your lawn for good! How To Kill Bindii’s During the Winter months, you may have noticed small ferny bright green growths in your lawn. These are the beginnings of the nasty prickles that will bother you in[...]

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