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  Keep your lawn healthy and be the envy of your neighbourhood using the following simple maintenance tips. It’s easy to keep your lawns healthy, and relatively affordable. In fact, neglecting your lawn can be more expensive than ensuring you take good care of it. By following our blog of tips on how to keep your lawns healthy, your lawn will be the talk of the town!
Lawn Maintenance For Summer is crucial to ensuring your lawn makes it through the long, hot days that the Aussie climate experiences. Sometimes it’s tough even getting ourselves through a Hot Summers day let alone our garden. Regardless, our turf won’t make it without a little TLC. We have some great Summer Lawn Maintenance tips that will promise a healthy lawn.
The summer months can be a very stressful time for lawns in Australia and what we do during summer can determine how they will look throughout the season. It’s important you prepare your lawn to withstand the heat of the suns rays in summer to ensure that it is in its best health and condition.
Kikuyu lawn characteristics are highly popular and well suited to many environments in Australia. For decades, Kikuyu lawn has been the first choice for many people looking for an inexpensive, sturdy lawn that requires minimal care.

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The finished product has exceeded my expectations and the Rivers Edge Turf team were fantastic from start to end.

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