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Tips For Laying New Turf – we ask the experts!
Calling all lawn lovers: the perfect lawn is no longer impossible to achieve!  In fact, with these hints and tips from the experts, your immaculate turf is only a few steps away! To grow a beautiful lawn, you must: prepare the soil well install a quality turf water well practice good lawn maintenance habits Step 1: Prepare Preparing the soil for your new turf might seem tedious, but it’ll be worth every minute of effort because you’ll be the one that enjoys the rewards!  Tedious, back-breaking, boring… we understand it’s not the most exciting part of the project, but soil[...]
The Complete Guide To Lawn Edging – Rivers Edge Turf
A beautiful turf deserves a beautiful edging.  And the good news is that a neat and tidy edging isn’t actually difficult or expensive to achieve – it simply requires a bit of time and TLC to ensure that those ragged and unsightly edges are kept tidy and even.  Believe us when we say that your efforts will be well worth the results! Keeping the edges of your lawn under control has a twofold purpose: 1. it boosts the aesthetic appeal of your turf area, and 2. it prevents grass from growing into garden beds or onto paths or driveways. We[...]
Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy When Water Restrictions Are In Place
With the heat of summer upon us, water restrictions are being implemented all over the country. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to let your lawn die off. There are a number of ways you can still keep your lawn fresh and healthy, even when water restrictions are in place.   Know your restrictions How much you can water your lawn will depend on the severity of the drought. The good news is that most water restrictions still allow enough watering time to keep your lawn healthy. Even a few hours of handheld watering each week can be enough for your grass to survive. Know your lawn Chances[...]
Why You Should Keep Off Your Lawn During A Frost
There’s something magical and almost romantic about walking through frost-covered grass.  The kiss of the cold on your cheek, the crunch of the lawn underfoot… it’s kind of like a child’s storybook come true!  But all fantasy aside, walking on your frosty lawn is a big mistake.   What causes frost? Many of the southern states of Australia experience frost during the cooler months.  Frost occurs when the temperature of outside surfaces drops below the dew point.  The dew point is simply the point at which the air gets cold enough for airborne water vapour to condense into a liquid.[...]
Common Lawn Pests And What You Can Do About Them
Dealing with pests is something all lawn owners will have to experience at some point. Their arrival is often outside our control and can do a lot of damage in a very short space of time. Thankfully there are a number of quick and easy ways to eradicate them. Birds Having a small number of birds in your garden can be a great sign. It often means that you’re looking after your lawn, providing them with a healthy spot to reside and forage for food. However, if you’re noticing a sudden influx it may be a sign that something is[...]
How To Successfully Grow Lawn Around Large Trees
If you were under the impression that growing turf under your trees is a challenge, you wouldn’t be completely incorrect. Maintaining your lawn does require a certain level of hard work and persistence. Thankfully, the task isn’t nearly as daunting as it may seem! By following a few simple steps, you can expect your lawn to flourish, even under the shady cover of trees.   Prune the trees There are a few factors that make it tricky to keep grass growing under a tree. The primary reason is that most types of grass survive best in sunny spots, and therefore[...]
8 cheap and simple ways to kill weeds in your yard
Whether we like it or not, dealing with weeds is a natural part of lawn maintenance. The good news is, removing weeds doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive and overwhelming as you may think. Here are 8 cheap and simple ways to kill weeds in your yard. 1.Removal by hand Regularly taking a few minutes out of your day to scout and remove weeds will work wonders on your lawn in the long term. Removing by hand is best done when the ground is moist, as the soil will be loose and the roots easier to remove. Simply grab[...]
5 Signs That You’re Over-watering Your Lawn
As passionate lawn lovers, we naturally want to make sure our grass has plenty of what it needs. Regular food, good maintenance routines and most importantly, lots of water.  The fact is, you might be unintentionally overdoing it: it’s actually possible to over-water your lawn, which will do more harm than good. As we transition from the cold season to the warmer months, watering the lawn becomes part of our regular garden upkeep program.  However, a healthy and established turf doesn’t need to be watered every day.  And truth be known, it shouldn’t even need it every second day.  Regardless[...]
How To Identify And Get Rid Of Unwanted Pests On Your Lawn.
Lawn pests are an avid gardener’s worst nightmare.  Whether they crawl, fly, burrow or hop, they can often cause a lot of damage in an alarmingly short amount of time.  The challenge for every genuine lawn-lover is to correctly identify and treat lawn pests before they make destroy all your hard work. It’s generally not hard to recognize the handi-work of lawn pests.  It’s not always quite so easy to pin-point the critter behind the damage.  However, unless you can correctly identify what’s causing the trouble, it’s difficult to carry out an effective treatment plan, so to get you onto[...]
How To Know If Your Lawn Is Sick?
Every so often a thriving lawn will present itself with a problem. Whether it be a dry patch, bug infestation, bindi outbreak or maybe it just isn’t looking quite right and you’re unsure what to do. With loads of information readily available on the web its fairly easy to find an answer to the problem your lawn may be having – however, if you’re struggling to find a solution, don’t hesitate to contact your local lawn suppliers. Like every plant, lawns have their ups and downs.  But the key to maintaining a beautiful, healthy and vibrant lawn is to recognize[...]

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