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Landscaping Your Backyard- 3 Things To Consider When Re-designing
New home, old home, family home, holiday home… it doesn’t matter where or what, it needs to be landscaped to be truly home.  A house without landscaping is like a cake without icing: it just doesn’t quite cut the mustard!   Having said all that, landscaping is no job for a novice either.  I get it, there’s no better place to try your gardening skills than in your own backyard, but a serious landscaping project deserves some serious thought.  So, before you grab your gloves and shovel, it’s worth considering these 3 things:   Aim and Plan #1: you need[...]
Planting Trees In Lawn Areas- 6 Steps To Follow.
We love landscapes that feature both trees and turf.  Open lawn areas are soothing to the senses and promote a feeling of ease and openness, while trees add that visual barrier and contrast and a touch of grandeur.  There’s just one catch: trees and turf aren’t always compatible.  And that’s why you need to know your stuff before you launch into planting trees in your lawn area. Trees and turf are both plants, and therefore have the same basic requirements: water, sunlight and fresh air.  When planting trees in lawn areas, competition for sunlight can be a  real problem. If[...]
Lawn Envy- How To Obtain The Perfect Lawn
Let’s be honest: we all want a perfect lawn.  And most of us know somebody who’s got one, and we envy it like mad.  If only there was some way to create our own little paradise like that… Is it possible?  Yes!  Is it hard?  Not as hard as you might think!  In fact, many of us put that perfect, soft, green lawn in the ‘too-hard basket’ without really even giving it a proper shot!  After all, lawn care and maintenance isn’t rocket science – what you need is an excellent base product, correct care routines, dedication and some elbow[...]
Keeping The Bugs At Bay – Best And Safest Pesticides For Grass
There’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than seeing dead, brown patches appear in your beautiful, green buffalo turf.  All that hard work you’ve put into your lawn, the manicuring, the watering, the weeding….and now look!  Parts of it appear to be dying…   Don’t throw up your hands in despair – the unsightly brown patches in your lawn may well be due to pests, not buffalo grass diseases.  And, in this case, the problem is relatively easy to fix (watch out grubs and beetles…)! So, how do I know what it is that’s chewing it’s way through my grass? The[...]
What Time Of Day Should I Water My Lawn?
Morning, midday or evening… when is the best time to water my grass? Obviously, to maintain that perfect, lush, green lawn, you’re going to have to water it.  That’s not rocket science.  However, as a responsible home owner, it’s important, for two reasons, to understand when is the best time to water your lawn – firstly, because you want to do what’s best for the grass itself, and secondly, because you want to do what’s best for your back pocket! Well here are a few tips that will help you get the best out of nature’s resource, as well as[...]
How Much Water Is Too Much Water? A Guide To Getting It Right
Water is a key component in the care of our lawn. Too little water, as in situations of drought, or a forgetful homeowner and the grass simply dries up and dies. Too much water can also be problematic and cause the grass to drown. Knowing how much water is too much water will ensure you have a beautiful, healthy lawn. Here’s a few things to consider when watering your lawn. Where you live The first factor in how much water you need to provide your lawn, is how much rain and moisture is already provided by mother nature. If you[...]
5 Environmental Benefits of Grass
When we think of lawn and turf, we don’t often consider the environmental benefits of it. Typically, we are more bombarded with how it isn’t good for the environment and that it utilises water and energy that could be better put to use. As true as this can be, there are actually quite a few benefits to having that lush green lawn outside your home. Globally, we are losing topsoil at an alarming rate. Over farming, tilling the land, erosion and more is taking away the top soil that we need in many ways to survive. By having lawns and[...]
How Often Should I Fertilise My Lawn?
A green lawn doesn’t just look good,  it’s a key component in having great curb appeal. Knowing how to take care of it and look after it ensures its longevity and overall health. One of the most important aspects of lawn care is ensuring that your lawn gets all the nutrients and water it needs on schedule. This means knowing when is the best time to apply lawn fertiliser. To ensure that it is done properly and at the perfect time so that you have a happy healthy lawn to enjoy, Here are a few tips: Apply the first dose of[...]
5 Tips to Growing a Great Lawn! Rivers Edge Turf
Nothing makes a homeowner happier than having a lush green lawn that they can be proud of. Just a quick glance can show everyone who passes by how much you care about your property and the way it looks. Creating the lawn you want can be easier said than done at times. Here are 5 great tips to get you the best lawn ever without having to buy the best turf on the market! Take care of your lawn consistently. The more routine and regularly the lawn is cared for the better your turf will look. Healthy lawns take maintenance and[...]
Winter Maintenance Tips for a Great Summer Lawn!
When the long days of summer are fading the last thing you may be thinking about is caring for your lawn. Of course, this is one of the most important times to think about your lawn care. Especially if you want a happy, healthy lawn come springtime and aren’t thinking about re-turfing your lawn the following year. Putting your lawn to bed for the winter does require a little bit of effort and planning on your behalf. Knowing when the first snow or frost falls, or when the weather gets cold for your area. Will help you in ensuring your[...]

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