Zoysia & Nara Grass

Nara Grass – Why we love Australians home grown turf
Nara Grass is becoming a general favourite with many Aussie homeowners.  In our harsh and salty coasts to our foothills and even our drought-prone central regions, Nara is not only growing, but it’s also thriving!  And that’s why Australians love Nara Grass: it’s the homegrown turf that’s been developed on our own soil, especially to suit our climate and lifestyles. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Nara Grass is its versatility.  It does better than buffalo grass in the sun, yet it can tolerate up to 50% shade.  Drought tolerant, salt-tolerant, great winter colour, excellent self-repairing qualities and resistance to[...]
Tips on How to Maintain Zoysia Grass
Zoysia is a perennial, warm-season, turf-type grass that spreads by rhizomes and stolons. It is a dense, soft and attractive home turfgrass option that is ideal for warmer climates. Once it has established and has been properly maintained, zoysia grass can be both drought- and heat-resistant, while also capable of standing up to heavy foot traffic. Below are tips on how to maintain Zoysia grass. Nara grass is a new variety of Zoysia grass that has been bred in Australia. It is quite a low maintenance type of grass. Nara turf can stay green and survive under drought and heat.[...]

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