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What Is The Best Type Of Grass For Kids With Allergies?
We all know that kids love playing outdoors.  And that’s how it should be.  Fresh air, sunshine and interaction with nature are all hugely important to their normal physical and mental development. That’s why we need kid-friendly gardens – ones that are safe for them to play in, learn and enjoy. It’s obvious that for a yard to be child-friendly, we need to put a fence around the pool, a cover over the fish pond or maybe deal with pesky ants or spiders.  These are things that could be potential hazards and harm our little people.  But hang on! what[...]
Choosing the Right Grass for Your Home
Deciding on which variety of turf to choose can be overwhelming, especially with such a large variety readily available on the Australian market. There are many different factors that go into the decision and knowing which grasses are best for your area, and which ones will simply take too much time and effort to keep alive will play a part in deciding which one is best for you. One of the best ways to ensure that your lawn is as successful as possible is to go with native Australian grasses. By using native grasses, you can rest assured that they[...]
What’s the Best Type of Grass for Drought Affected Areas?
Picking a grass that suits your climate is an important factor. With many areas of Australia being affected by drought and other weather issues, it is important to find a grass that will grow in drought-affected areas. You don’t want to plant native Australian grasses that require lots of water and moisture to grow. The last thing you want is your hard-earned money being poured down the drain in terms of water consumption, just to keep your grass green. Instead, picking a grass variety that works best for your environment is a better choice. Which grasses are best suited for[...]
Living in Harsh Conditions and Need a Tough Lawn?
Choosing the right grass for your lawn can be a difficult process. The choice you make will depend largely on the climate you live in, as well as personal preference. For those living in harsh climates, there are several good choices when it comes to grass types. Australia is known for its heat and humidity, and cooler winter months. Therefore requires grasses that are well adapted to living in that sort of climate. Let’s look at some of the tougher grass types available. Sapphire Buffalo This is one of the best all around grass types on the market today. First[...]
Instant Grass And The Benefits of Turf Over Grass Seed?
These days grass has taken on an iconic significance in the modern culture. From the clichés of neighbourhood lawn care competition to the idyllic picturesqueness of a park field, grass has always been a much bigger part of our lives than many people realize. Having so much significance, many people are looking for the best options for turning an area into a grassy paradise, whether for private or public land. While there are many choices in the varieties of grass, one of the most significant questions anyone in this situation will ask themselves is whether they should sow the ground[...]
Where to Buy Turf? If you’ve just had a home built, you’ll be pretty excited about moving in. But in order to save money, lots of new home builders choose to do the landscaping themselves. This can be a tough job, especially if you’ve had very little experience. One of the best ways to deal with lawn areas that need covering quickly is to have some quality turf installed by the experts on grass. If this is something that you’ve pondered as a new homeowner, you’re also probably wondering where to buy turf that will look great and last through[...]
Different Types of Native Australian Grasses
Native grasses are always better than exotic grasses due to their ease of growth, resilience as well as longevity. Australian land undergoes extreme weather conditions often facing droughts and dryness, not to mention extreme cold climates and along the coastline, heavy rainfall. Native Australian grasses can withstand all the harsh situations and do not need extra care and maintenance. Moreover, native grasses are also cheaper and cost-effective. There are different types of grasses in Australia, some of which include but are not limited to the following: Barbed Wire Grass Black Spear Grass Common Wheat Grass Cotton Panic Grass Hairy Arm[...]

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