How To Get Rid Of Bindii Weeds
Bindii’s can be described as a landscaper’s worst nightmare. Bindii weeds not only ruin the look of your lawn, but they can make walking on the grass without shoes a very painful experience! And after all the hard work you’ve put into that turf, you want to be able to enjoy it, not have to avoid it. What are Bindii Weeds? Bindii’s are a low-growing, leafy, green weed that is commonly seen growing in lawns across Australia. It produces a single flower which matures into a spiny seed pod. These dried seed pods are sharp enough to puncture bike or[...]
Which types of turf are best for shady areas? | Shade Tolerant Turf
If your yard doesn’t get much direct sunlight, you may want to consider a shade tolerant turf variety. Choosing grass that can withstand low light increases its chances of survival and keeps your mind at ease.  If you’re unsure whether you need a shade-tolerant grass, consider:  The amount of tree cover on your lawn  If there are surrounding buildings that routinely block direct sunlight  If you’re living in an area that has a naturally cloudy climate  How the light changes depending on the time of day  How the light changes depending on the season  Once you’ve established whether or not your lawn might require a shade-tolerant grass, you can start[...]
How To REALLY Love Your Lawn- 4 Things You Should Do Every Week
There are so many reasons to love your lawn. Lawns really do give back to the whole family. They help to create memories – either good or not so good (prickles anyone?). So if you’re going to have the opportunity to love your lawn in the coming warmer months you’ll need to LOVE your lawn. Here we have four things you should do every single week to really love your lawn. Give yourself that instant grass feeling when you walk out your back door. Tip 1: Trim The Top   Mowing should happen at least once a week. When you[...]
What Are The Best Types Of Fertilisers To Use On Buffalo Grass?
If your buffalo lawn is looking a little worse for wear? It may be time to investigate introducing a fertiliser, or reconsidering the fertiliser you’re currently using. Fertilising is a necessary, yet sometimes overlooked part of lawn care. Choosing the right type is essential when looking at how to improve buffalo lawn. Why fertilise? If your lawn is looking pale, is yellowing, or has started to die off despite correct watering and mowing procedures, chances are it needs fertilising. This can work wonders in improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Fertilisers are rich with minerals that are designed to improve soil quality, feeding your[...]
How To Take Care Of The Lawn Surrounding Your Pool Area
Organic living; getting back to our roots; enjoying mother nature at her best… these are all phrases we hear and read about every day.  As our society continues to evolve and our lives become more technology-driven and complicated, we find in ourselves the longing to spend time alone with nature.  Whether it’s a glass of wine enjoyed sitting on the lawn at the end of a busy day, a few minutes playing with the children in the yard or a swim in the outdoor pool, many Australians are proving the psychological and physical benefits of their own gardens. For many[...]
5 Reasons Why Laying Turf Is Great For The Environment
It’s more than just green to look at.  Natural; clean; aesthetically appealing; environmentally friendly.  Choosing to lay turf is a responsible decision that doesn’t stop at the curb-side charm of your home.  It contributes positively to the world around us and helps to create a cleaner, greener place to live and raise our families.  Grass is the unspoken hero of our urban environments: the champion underfoot! So, let’s get down to earth and look at a few reasons that turf is so good for the environment! Many of us live in suburban areas where concrete, bitumen, and steel seem to[...]
How To Identify The Type Of Lawn In Your Yard
Maybe you’ve moved into a new home, and it has a beautiful, established lawn.  Of course, now it’s yours to keep it that way!  Or, maybe you’ve lived in your home for a long time, but have made yourself a new year’s resolution to put some extra effort into creating a beautiful lawn.  Either way, it’s really important to know what type of grass you have before you launch into fertilizing or even routine maintenance.   Why? because different turf types have different requirements when it comes to mowing, feeding, watering and even wear and tear. With so many grass[...]
Which Turf Is Best For Small Yards? Our Top Picks!
A lot of homes these days have remarkably small yards, with very limited grass area.  And seeing as it’s not something we can change, the only option is to make the best of it!  This means choosing the correct turf for a small area – you want your lawn, whatever its size, to be a slice of paradise. There are a few key things to consider when deciding which turf is best for your small garden.  It pays to take a bit of extra time to make sure you pick the best option for your place, that way you’ll enjoy[...]
Why Are Some Turfs More Expensive Than Others?
High quality turf will often carry higher prices than other types of turf, which may leave your wondering, what makes the price difference. After all, all types of turf are just different types of grass, so what makes some expensive while others are not. Soil Quality Higher quality turf will be grown in higher quality soil. Soil that is better built, with higher levels of nutrients that your lawn needs will cost more than low grade soil. This investment in the soil will mean a better lawn overall, as it better supplies what the turf needs to grow. Seed Varieties[...]
5 tips to having the best-looking yard on the street!
Let’s be honest, you want your lawns to be beautiful, lush and manicured. The kind of soft, green carpet that is blissful to walk on in bare feet and looks great all summer long. The burning question is, how can you create that slice of paradise right in your own yard? A stunning lawn isn’t impossible.  It’s not rocket science either.  It is simply a combination of excellent starter product, dedication and responsible care.  Making the choice to lay established grass from a trusted turf supplier will give you a huge advantage – the professionals know exactly what will suit[...]

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