The Best Native Grasses For The Australian Climate

The Best Native Grasses For The Australian Climate

There’s a good argument for growing native Australian grass: it does well here because it belongs here.  We live in a country of climatic extremes, so native grasses that flourish in any given zone do so for one common reason: they’ve adapted to suit the prevailing weather and soil conditions. They’re generally tough, hardy, robust and tolerant.

For whatever reason, when talking about new lawns, different types of couch grass are often a customer’s first thoughts. And, while there’s no doubt couch makes great lawns, there are many Australian grasses that are just as good.  And, added bonus, they’re native.

When planting a new lawn, it’s wise to look into what types of grasses do well in your area. Time spent talking to locals, researching on the internet and asking for advice from your local turf supplier is well spent: you’ll save yourself a sea of heartbreak and hard work down the track if you start with the right product.

different types of couch grass

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 4 native Australian grasses that make great lawns:

Nara Grass

Australia’s homegrown turf.  Nara Grass is a great choice for lawns.  Bred in Australia from Zoysia Macrantha, this turf variety is native to the eastern half of the country, from sunny Queensland to the island of Tasmania and extends inland as far as central Australia.  It’s super low maintenance, requiring fertilizer only once or twice per year.  High salt and drought tolerance and less invasive than many other lawn varieties… how much more can you ask?

Weeping Grass (Microlaena stipoides)

This tufted perennial grass species is frost tolerant, drought tolerant and will grow in moderately acid soils.  It produces green growth all year round and can be mown to any height.  Weeping Grass occurs naturally from Queensland, down the eastern coast of Australia, as well as the southwestern area of WA and wetter coastal areas of SA.

Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra )

With a name like that, how much more Aussie could you get?!  Kangaroo grass grows in a variety of soil types, from sandy to heavy clay, with the ability to survive even in areas of very low nitrogen. Its natural distribution is very wide, occurring in every state and territory, including mountainous regions and coastal plains.  The grass naturally grows to between 40 – 90cm high, however, it can be mown to a comfortable 8 – 10cm for a beautiful lawn.

Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra)

different types of couch grass Mostly occurring in coastal plains and tablelands, this grass has a green or reddish leaf.  Because it naturally grows low (around 10cm) it requires minimal mowing and is a great choice if garden maintenance isn’t your thing!  Redgrass spreads slowly via underground stems, but will not tolerate cold snaps or frosts very well.

If it’s native, it’s a good choice. However, before you plant, seek professional advice from the team at Rivers Edge Turf – we’ve got years of experience in native grasses and we know what’s going to do well in your area. Call us today on 02 4579 9009 for a chat.


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