Couch Grass Benefits

couch grass benefits

Couch grass is a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. It is a grass with a fine leaf blade with a dark green colour when it has great health. It mows beautifully with a cylinder mower and gives a great bowling green look. There are a number of couch grass benefits which make this type of grass a favourite for many.

Couch Grass Benefits

The first of the benefits of couch grass is the cost. Due to the fast-growing nature of couch grass, it makes it cheap to grow. Farmers can produce multiple crops of couch grass each year which allows them to lower the price of the grass. The ability to grow fast also means that when the grass is damaged it can bounce back quickly. As the grass grows fast it makes it ideal for any homeowner or property developer.

Although the fast-growing ability of couch grass is considered a benefit, it can also become highly invasive to garden beds, paths and landscaping. Couch grass can be aggressive and may take over other existing lawns when faced with a battle to take over new areas. It’s important that you continue to watch your couch lawn and keep it mowed and maintained.

Another of the couch grass benefits is the great look it has when mowed with the correct mower. A cylinder mower is best to give it a bowling green look. The couch grass can be kept at short or low lengths as long as its demand for a lot of sunlight is met and it receives regular watering.

There are a number of varieties of couch grass available from Rivers Edge Turf including Wintergreen couch grass, Greenlees Park Couch Grass and Santa Ana Couch grass.  If you would like any further information on any of these grass types or to put in an order for your home, contact Rivers Edge Turf today!


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