Couch Grass Descriptions for Landscape Enthusiasts

couch grass description

Grass has been a staple of landscape planting for centuries. When considering a lawn, or garden grass, choosing the right variety to meet the demands of your environment, present the exact look and texture you want, and work well with the usage and traffic volume you have planned for your space, is the biggest key to success. Here are three Couch Grass descriptions, for areas that require that “just cut” luxurious look, associated with putting greens, and golf fairways the world over.

Wintergreen Couch Grass Description

Wintergreen, is a rugged variety, with deep roots, that creates a hard wearing turf. This Couch Grass variety is ideally suited for use on sporting surfaces, such as golf greens, or even natural grass tennis courts.

Able to maintain at a very low cutting height, this fine leafed specimen, with a soft texture, is also tolerant of a variety of selected herbicides, allowing a wide range of choices in weed control. This makes it one of the most versatile included in the couch grass variety.

According to this couch grass description, it is best to cut the plant by removing up to 1/3 of leaf height at a single mowing. This protects the root structure, to maintain the succulence of the leaves, and preserve the rich, green colour. It also allows you to maintain a uniform appearance, since large changes in height are not best for the plant.

Greenleas Park Couch Grass Description

Greenleas Park is best kept at a medium, to low mowing height, for best appearance and health of the plant. This couch grass description calls for regular mowing at 10-day intervals for optimum growth. This is an optimum schedule for those looking for easy maintenance.

Greenleas root structure spreads more quickly, for rapid turf development over a given area, during the warmer months of the year. Strategically planting during these months can help you achieve a wider spread faster than planting during the offseason.

Regular feeding is a primary part of any turf care regimen. Greeleas Park Couch Grass description calls for fertilizing quarterly to prevent over seeding by the plant. Scheduling your fertilization to make sure there are no more than three months between applications can ensure this is not an issue.

Santa Ana Couch Grass Description

If you prefer to mow less often, this couch grass description claims slower growth than other related varieties. This makes for a less time-consuming maintenance schedule, with more time for enjoyment. It also means your grass will stay looking freshly cut longer after each mowing.

This variety produces a very tight, dense mass, making it a very attractive lawn grass. It is considered to be one of the best, according to the couch grass description, for homeowners wanting to cultivate a couch grass lawn.

Santa Ana Couch Grass is also suitable for properties with few trees, since the turf requires more sunlight than other couch grasses. According to the couch grass description for Santa Ana, it will grow best in 80% sunlight.

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