Choosing Between The Various Types Of Couch Turf

Choosing Between The Various Types Of Couch Turf

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When it comes to choosing the type of grass for your yard, or for any kind of area, public or private, there are a lot of different options to choose from. In Australia one of the most popular types of grass used today is called Couch Grass, also commonly known as Couch Turf. A perennial grass species native to most of Europe, Asia, and Northwest Africa. With many different varieties to choose from, and numerous benefits it is no wonder that Couch Turf has become such a well-known and widely used option for turf, lawns, and fields.

Types of Couch Grass

There are three different types of couch grass each with their own features and uses.

  • The first type, Santa Ana Couch Grass, is an American variation of the species and is known for its impressive, bright green appearance. Santa Ana Couch Grass has become one of the most widely used varieties of the grass as it is known for its ability to withstand heat without being prone to discoloration, in fact, it is known to grow stronger under high heat. Santa Ana Couch Grass is also frost resistant, giving it a very wide range of geographic areas where it can thrive, making it one of the most popular grasses used in yards all over the world.
  • The second type is called Greenleas Couch Grass. This variation is known for its ability to withstand sun, mild shade, and dampness, making it ideal for use on golf courses, backyards, and bowling greens. Keeping the grass free of weeds is also a breeze as it is immune to most herbicides. This grass has a fine texture, making the feeling soft and comfortable to the touch. While it can withstand dampness better than other varieties, Greanleas Couch Grass is known to discolor during frost, making it less common in colder climates.
  • The final type of Couch turf available is called Wintergreen Couch Grass. This variation has a soft feel, with a medium green color and dense blade, and is known as one of the best all around options for personal or commercial use. This grass requires less watering than the other variations, needs less fertilizer, and is known to be extremely efficient at self-repairing thanks to its deep root system. All these qualities come together to make a very well rounded grass that is especially well suited to high traffic areas such as parks, fields, and yards.

With so many different options for Couch Turf there is no reason not to find a type of Couch Grass that suits your needs. Take a look at the different types, and decide which one is best for you, where you live, and the space you want covered. No matter what your choice, you will find a hardy, aesthetically pleasing, and practical choice in Couch Grass, and it is no wonder that the species has become a favourite.


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