Greenleas Couch Grass

Greanleas Couch GrassGreenleas Couch Grass

Greenleas Couch Grass is a superior grass that is widely used on golf courses, ovals, backyards, bowling greens and on home lawns. It grows well in the sun but can tolerate light shade as well. It is easy to maintain and mow. Unlike other types of grass, it can withstand dampness to a certain extent. This type of grass has a fine texture making it soft and comfortable.

It is the best choice for gardeners who like fine-textured lawn and is advantageous since it does not become spongy with time especially when grown in warm conditions. However, it does tend to discolour in frosty areas.

Greenleas couch grass is easy to keep free of most weeds since it can tolerate most herbicides. It may require regular watering and mowing about every five days to keep it in shape, tight and firm.

When mown it should be to a depth which is low if needed to be firm and tight on the surface. The resilience of the grass makes it suitable to be used in areas of heavy wear.

The grass is suitable due to its increased resistance to diseases and its wearability. Where there is no direct sunlight it also performs well. Its deep green colour makes it more attractive than other types of couches.

Greenleas Couch Grass Maintenance Information

During summer it is recommended that Greenleas Couch be mown to an approximate height of 22mm. During winter, the height should be raised to 30 mm to ensure healthy growth. To further maintain you lawn,  apply a fertilizer every 7 weeks during the growing period.

The Greenleas Park couch is particularly ideal for commercial landscapes, sports fields and bowling greens. It is currently used in Palm Meadows Royal Pines golf courses.

How To Grow Greenleas Couch GrassHow to Grow Greenleas Couch Grass

Proper site preparation involves soil improvement before planting since it makes it easier for deep penetration, and uniform and even growth. The benefits that accrue from soil preparation include reduced maintenance cost, fast recovery from wear, reduced amounts of fertilizer, herbicide and water requirements.

The best soils for optimum growth are loam, sandy or loamy sands. A pH of 6-7 is the best for producing high-use, beautiful and low maintenance lawns. Four inches (100mm) is the absolute minimum depth.

The soil should be tilled to at least 5 inches depth before adding soil amendments or topsoil. This is important since it alleviates the compaction of subsoil. It also ensures proper root penetration, water movement and enhances the bonding of the subsoil and the added soil amendment or topsoil.

The amount of soil amendment needed is determined by the acidity or alkalinity levels of the soil, and for best results, it is imperative to carry out soil analysis. Rolling the area with a lawn roller filled to 33% with water ensures a firm surface ready for planting the grass.

When the site is prepared in this manner, it makes the lawn look great and low maintenance required. It also ensures that your lawn retains a high density and recovers quickly from wear.

It may prove a daunting task when it comes to the choice of grass and enhancement of your landscape but it is worth considering Greenleas Couch Grass.

Learn more about turf maintenance, and read our FAQs and Couch Grass blog for more information.

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