Laying Turf From Late Autumn Into Winter

Laying Turf

Laying Turf in Autumn and Winter

A good lawn can make or break the impression of your home and garden. That’s why it’s best to consult us on your situation before you make up your mind and laying turf on your property. For the time being the most frequently asked question is:

Can I Install a new lawn in the cooler months of the year?

What variety can I install at this time of year?

The answer to these two questions is Yes and most depending on where you live.

Laying Turf in Cooler Months

What causes the turf to go into dormancy is the frost, if you are not in a frost affected area you can do what you want when you want there is no need to worry. As for people who live in frost affected areas.  The frost stops the turf from growing however, the turf will not die when it is installed in the winter!!  This does not apply in areas which fall below 00C.

Varieties which can be installed in Sydney’s winter

  • Sapphire soft leaf buffalo
  • Palmetto buffalo
  • Couch and kikuyu

Benefits for laying turf and installing in the winter months

  • Less labour intensive establishment
  • Less watering
  • Deeper root growth before mowing commences
  • Less chance of loss due to hot dry days

If you want more information or you are still unsure about the idea contact us today!


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