Santa Ana Couch Grass

couch grassSanta Ana Couch Grass

The Santa Ana Couch Grass is an American grass that gives an impressive visual appearance especially when mown short. The leaf colour of Santa Ana is bright green. This colour is retained for a long time despite weather pattern changes. Santa Ana grass is usually tough and hard therefore making it the best choice as a couch grass.

Superior Features of Santa Ana Couch Grass

Santa Ana Couch grass has the ability to thrive well in most regions and is therefore widely used. Since it has no discolouration problems, it then becomes the best grass for the beauty of homes across the world.

While other couch varieties in the market are faced with heat challenge, Santa Ana is able to withstand the summer temperatures. This means that it will maintain its attractive colour even in the heat. In fact, when grown during a sunny period, the couch grass comes out stronger.

Santa Ana is also frost tolerant. During winter it exhibits a short dormancy period. This means that the grass will not lose as much colour as the other couches. Therefore, Santa Ana couch still gives the best appearance in cold climates.

couch grassAreas of Application

Santa Ana couch is able to withstand high traffic because of its hardiness. It can therefore be used for tennis courts, golf courses and Santa Ana will still retain a superior appearance.

Santa Ana grass can also be used for commercial lawns and residential lawns to give a soft formal appearance. It is also used for park grass and in soil stabilization areas as well as for roadside lawns.

Santa Ana has a good resistance to diseases. This outstanding quality makes it easy to maintain. Similarly, little disease attack means healthy growth hence uniform colour throughout without patches. By choosing to grow Santa Ana you are opening a door to cutting expenditure on disease management

In addition to disease resistance, Santa Ana is also resistance to most weeds as compared to other couches. This means that you don't have to continually weed and apply herbicides.

Maintenance of the Santa Ana Couch Grass

The frequency of mowing depends on the season. During summer, mowing should be done on a weekly basis, while in winter it can be done after a fortnight for the best look.

During the spring you can mow your Santa Ana lawn lower so as to remove thatch build-up in the lawn and also to fertilize. This will allow new stolon to grow allowing the lawn to regenerate.

Fertilizer application is necessary to keep the lawn healthy. This is done periodically at specified times in every season. Chemical and organic fertilizers are applied alternately for the best result.

Watering of Santa Ana lawn is done frequently during the development period. After establishment, water use is reduced to even no watering in winter.

Learn more about turf maintenance, and read our FAQs and Santa Ana Couch Grass blog for more information.

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