Santa Anna Couch Grass is here to stay!

santa anna couch grass

Assessing The Special Character Of Santa Anna Couch Grass


When assessing grass varieties, we always look for a species that will thrive in Australian conditions. What this effectively means is that the grass needs to be tough, durable, and drought resistant. Part of the reason that Couch grass is so popular here in Australia is that it is a durable variety that thrives in Aussie conditions. We actually stock several varieties of Couch grass, including Santa Anna, Greenleas, and Wintergreen.

The special character of Santa Anna Couch grass makes it ideal for a pretty wide range of uses. Like other varieties of Couch, the Santa Anna type is popular in Australia as an all-around grass covering. It is actually an American grass, but thrives well in this country because it has excellent drought tolerance. This is an important quality in a grass because of how dry and hot regions of this country can be during the summer months.

Given the popularity of Santa Anna Couch, here’s a short list of its best features:

  • Durable, tough and drought tolerant,
  • A warm season grass that grows well in the sun,
  • Can be mown low to create a carpet-like appearance, making it a good choice for parks, high traffic areas, and some sporting fields,
  • Fast growing so that it has an excellent ability to repair itself if damaged to the surface is sustained from traffic.

Santa Anna Compared To Kikuyu

Choosing a grass can be a difficult choice, but we’re always happy to step in and offer our advice. Every grass variety has its own special character, so it is important to decide what your specific requirements are before investing in one of our grasses. Do you want a warm season grass that grows quickly? Do you have garden beds that you want to maintain as separate from the grass cover? Do you want a low maintenance grass? These questions, and more, all need to be asked before deciding.

As popular as the Couch grass varieties are in Australia, Kikuyu also has a lot of adherents, and sometimes it is a good idea to look at the special characteristics of two grass types to make a final decision on your grass investment.

Kikuyu is definitely hardier and more durable than any of the Couch grasses because it is more drought tolerant, but some people find it very invasive, and because it shoots runners below the surface it will need to be maintained if you don’t want it spreading too far. These qualities are great though if you are looking for a total grass solution that thrives in the warmth and will grow even in the toughest conditions without consistent watering.

The Couch grasses in general are still durable and drought tolerant, but not quite as durable as Kikuyu. Couch is a warm weather grass and it will send runners above the surface and grow pretty quickly. The difference is that this is generally easier to control as it is a simple matter of pulling up the visible runners.

We’ll Help With All Of Your Grass Needs!

Whether you want a tough grass that can simply grow on its own terms, or a variety of Couch that is easier to control, we can answer all of your questions. We’ve been in this business for years and know all about the best grass for you!



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