Are You Wondering What Is Couch Grass?

what is couch grass?

So What Is Couch Grass? Let’s talk about the benefits!

We’d hazard a guess that most people don’t think about their lawn very much. In fact, we’d say that most people just water whatever grass happens to be out there in the garden without giving much thought to the type of grass it is, and what kinds of advantages another species of grass might offer them as homeowners.

Even though grass happens to be our business here at Rivers Edge Turf, we understand why most people don’t give their own grass too much thought. After all, for most people, grass is for walking or running on. If you’re a kid, it’s probably also good for rolling on and doing cartwheels on, which is why sometimes kids are the best judge of the quality and character of a grass!

A Few Notes on Couch Grass in Australia

You may have heard about something called Couch grass. Maybe your gardener or the lawnmower guy has mentioned it before. If you’ve never heard of it or have little knowledge or interest in grasses in general, you may be wondering: what is Couch grass?

Couch grass is actually one of the most popular grasses in Australia, but did you know that lots of people consider it a weed? It can grow so fast that it invades garden beds and other areas. This makes it both a blessing and a curse really. For parks and public areas, Couch grass is lush and fast growing. This means that any damage done to the turf, either through sports, or traffic, is repaired pretty quickly.

Choosing the Right Kind of Grass

There are plenty of grasses available to buy, but when considering the local climate, and the character of the Australian environment, it’s especially important that we stock the right sorts of grass. Due to our vast experience with different types of grasses, we can answer just about any question a customer cares to throw our way. We welcome these questions because it allows us to work with customers to come up with a lawn solution that meets their specific requirements. The worst thing would be to invest in a grass that is not quite right.

In the interests of choosing the right grass, here are a few things that we base a decision on in consultation with all of our valued clients and customers:

  • Location: Where is the grass going to be laid? If it is going to be exposed to the elements all year round with little shade, then we might suggest a Kikuyu grass. This grass is highly durable, drought resistant, and will thrive well in exposed areas. If the grass is going to be laid in a public space where there is plenty of foot traffic, we also need to consider the hardiness of the grass that we choose.
  • Maintenance: Do you want a grass that is low growing and equally low maintenance? Or do you favour a quicker growing grass that requires more maintenance and watering?

We can answer all of these questions and more. In fact, we consider that working with all of our clients and getting to know what their grass requirements are is the key to good business and a happy customer.


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