Wintergreen Couch Grass

wintergreen turfWintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a fine, soft-to-touch hybrid couch. It is medium green with a dense blade and is a great all-round lawn. It can tolerate full sunshine, and requires less water, fertilization, and mowing than some other turf varieties making it an easy-care lawn both for domestic and commercial purposes. Characterized by its mid green color, it has a fine but dense, soft leaf texture. It has reasonable color retention during winter and is suitable for high traffic areas, sports grounds (e.g. golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens), parks and gardens. Wintergreen couch grass is soft to touch, making it fantastic for children. Due to its dense root system, it is good for soil stabilization and urban in-fill areas.

When establishing the lawn, its important to have the right soil type as this helps to prevent nutrient deficiencies and water loss. We recommend adding Bentonite – a natural clay product – and organic material to your soil before laying Wintergreen Couch Grass that is recommended and for the best results humus is incorporated.

Wintergreen couch grass has a creeping deep root system. It is self-repairing and recovers rapidly from any tear, wear and damage. Importantly, this grass loves the sun! If grown in the shade it becomes thin and will not grow as required.

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Wintergreen Couch Characteristics

  • This grass has a hardy, rapid and self-repairing system resulting in low-cost maintenance.
  • It is hardy and drought resistant, requiring minimal water.
  • This turf has an aggressive system that runs above ground.
  • Wintergreen turf has good salt tolerance.
  • It is able to maintain color if well fertilized in Autumn and spring.
  • Wintergreen turf, when mown low to the ground, is smooth and carpet like.
  • Wintergreen couch grass is non-irritating.
  • The grass has good disease and pest resistant.

Wintergreen Couch Maintenance

Wintergreen couch grass ideally should be mowed every 10 -14 days but this will vary according to the season. In summer, it will require mowing every 7-10 days but in Autumn and Winter, mowing will only need to be done every 2-5 weeks, or as necessary. The mower blades should be kept sharp and it is best to avoid cutting grass when it is wet. The lawn should be cut to an approximate height of 10- 15mm in summer and 15-20mm in winter. As a general rule, it should be kept short to prevent thatching – a build up of living and dead runners. However, it is important that no more than 40% of the leaf is removed in a single mow. Mowing height is an important factor in promoting healthy lawn growth and the team at Rivers Edge Turf can advise you on how get the most out of your lawn.

Watering helps to maintain the green colour. Of course, the frequency with which you will water your lawn depends on the season and the amount of rainfall received. During summer, we recommend you water the lawn 2-3 times a week. In autumn and spring, the frequency can be reduced to once or twice a week, and in winter you will only need to water once a fortnight. As with all turf varieties, it is best to water early in the morning.

Fertilization of the wintergreen couch grass is necessary to keep the lawn in good health. We recommend you fertilise your lawn six weeks after installation. Then continue to fertilise once in spring and late autumn, and twice in summer. An even application of 2-4kg per 100m² of turf is sufficient. Contact Rivers Edge Turf and talk to one of our friendly staff about out fertiliser packages. We are happy to give lots of advice on how to keep your lawn looking wonderful!

Weed control is also important in maintaining the quality of your lawn. A broadleaf herbicide can be applied to control weeds such as White Clover, Bindii, Capeweed, Oxalis, Plantain and Onion Weed. It is best to spray before weeds flower - between April and August. This will give you a healthy lawn over winter.

Learn more about lawn maintenance here. We also refer you to our FAQs and blog for more helpful tips and tricks.

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