Maintaining Your Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu Lawn

How much soil should I spread in my yard before the turf is laid?
Typically around two tonnes of turf underlay soil or topsoil is needed per 25 square metres of lawn. This provides a minimum soil-thickness of 10mm on the ground surface for the newly laid lawn to establish itself.
Do I have to roll my newly laid lawn?
Rolling in your lawn is not necessary, as with time, the turf will establish itself with the soil, helping to naturally settle the soil beneath it. However, turf is generally rolled for aesthetic purposes in the first two weeks of establishment.
When can i fertilise my lawn, and how many times per year do you recommend?
It’s best to fertilise around six weeks after installation, and then 3-4 times per year in smaller doses: Once in late autumn, once in early spring and once in mid-summer.
When should I start mowing?
After one month of installation or when the grass leaf is 20-50mm long, making sure you only cut off 1/3 of the leaf blade. The length of your turf will vary depending on the amount of sun/shade it is in, etc.
When is the best time to install new turf?
Our turf suppliers recommend installing in the autumn/spring.
How much do I have to water at first?

  • If you have installed in Autumn, you may only need to water once every 3 or 4 days.
  • If your turf has been installed in spring or summer, for the first two weeks water thoroughly once a day.

When can I stop daily watering?
If you try and lift your turf and its rooted in, ease off to watering only once a week.
How often should I continue watering after the turf is settled in?

  • Heavy clay-type soils retain water for longer, so they can be watered less often, but make sure you water at a slower rate so the water soaks in well.
  • Sandier soils on the other hand are well-draining, so water your lawn more frequently, but give a little less water than you would in clay.

What fertilizers do your turf suppliers recommend?

  • Slow release, no-burn fertilizers.
  • In Spring use a high-nitrogen fertilizer. This promotes new leaf and shoot growth.
  • In Autumn use a high-potassium fertilizer. This protects from frost damage and the harsh cold

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