The Best Types of Grass for Large Yards and Properties

The Best Types of Grass for Large Yards and Properties

There are many different options to consider when deciding on which type of turf would work best for your lawn. Some options are better suited to larger properties, whereas others are better left for smaller areas due to their maintenance levels. Those, of course, are not the only considerations.

The number one choice for larger yards and properties in Australia is a kikuyu lawn. Although it is typically seen in commercial properties, it’s also an excellent choice for residential use, especially in larger yards.

Reasons why Kikuyu Lawns are popular:

  • Kikuyu lawns are fast growing. Excellent for larger properties needing a wide spread of lawn.
  • The turf is well suited to all areas of Australia and is readily adaptable to the climate of the area.
  • It is also cheaper than many other types of turf making it a better choice when lots of turf is needed.

Reasons why Kikuyu Lawns can be challenging:

  • Due to its amazing ability to adapt to it’s growing areas, it is also classified as an invasive plant. This means that you wouldn’t want to place it near your gardens, as it can easily take over the entire area.
  • Kikuyu sends out runners under the soil. So, you may not realise it is taking over until it is too late to remove.
  • It is also susceptible to weeds, which can mean larger upkeep bills.

Soft-leaf buffalo lawn, on the other hand, may be slightly more expensive, especially when you are considering covering a large area of land. That said, it is hardier and less susceptible to weeds taking over it. It is also a slower grower than having a kikuyu lawn, which means you shouldn’t have to mow it nearly as often.

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Things to consider

All turf will have its benefits and downfalls which means no matter which type of turf you decide, you need to consider a few things.

  • Which ones are drought resistant, or frost resistant (depending on the area you live in.) Some types of grasses do better with drought-like conditions, whereas others require higher levels of watering to survive.
  • The amount of upkeep and maintenance you turf type needs compared to your ability to do that upkeep.
  • The amount of sunlight the area receives. Shady areas won’t do overly well with kikuyu lawns, whereas a bright sunny yard will make it a great choice of turf.
  • Other things to consider will also be how acidic your soil is, as different turfs will work better with different ph. soil levels.

When you are ready to purchase your turf, or if you are still struggling with choosing which turf would work best for your area, contact our team at Rivers Edge Turf. With our excellent selection of turf, and our expert team who can help you determine the best possible turf for your large yard.


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