Why Choose Kenda Kikuyu Grass 

Why Choose Kenda Kikuyu Grass 

Kenda kikuyu grass is different to common lawns or any other new breed of Kikuyu grass. Most type of common grass produces seeds which can spread into your garden or other areas of your garden. The seeds can cause a lot of problems and may require a lot of time and energy to get rid of them. However, this is not the case with Kenda Kikuyu grass.

Kenda Kikuyu Grass

Kenda Kikuyu turf is a male sterile; this means it is less likely to produce pollens, anthers or male gametes. Since it is less likely to produce seed, birds are less likely to attack it and spread the seeds to your garden or to your neighbour’s garden. Several turfs are often attacked by birds that chew their seed and can leave your lawn in a real mess. Kenda Kikuyu grass is a better option.

Kenda grass is a fast establishing form of grass with great wear and drought tolerance. It is a low-cost grass and does not seed like other ordinarily grass. It is also a good option if you have small kids or pets such as dogs. Kenda kikuyu grass grows more horizontally than vertically. This means it will be smaller in height that is preferred by many people. It also has a denser appearance that is very uniform. This makes it even and very beautiful. Kenda grass is more resistant to various diseases such as yellow disease. It also has better winter colour than common Kikuyu grass.

Advantages of Kenda Kikuyu grass

1. Kenda Kikuyu turf is good disease tolerance.
2. It has a great winter colour that most people adore and like.
3. It has less vertical growth which is good for many people.
4. Since it lacks seed, it becomes much safer for most people, and greatly reduces the chances of it invading unwanted areas, neighbour gardens and lawns.
5. Kenda kikuyu grass has a dark beautiful green colour that resembles a well-maintained garden.

Kenda turf is good for both residential and commercial uses. It is a great grass for most Australian homeowners that require the crucial wear recovery because of children, dogs and various backyard parties. It is also good for many sporting facilities that need a grass which will perform well under the pressure of extreme wear and also stay greener. It is used in many football fields, schools fields, golf courses, parks, and race tracks. Kenda Kikuyu grass recovers much quicker from wear, especially from physical activities. It has deep abundant underground growth that allows it to survive wear and longer droughts.

Even though it is a strong grass, Kenda Kikuyu grass needs water. Water is vital to all living things. Too little water and your Kenda kikuyu grass will die, or too much water and your Kenda Kikuyu grass will drown. Most people are concerned about not watering their grasses enough, but in fact, more lawns are destroyed by overwatering. It is important to water newly installed Kenda kikuyu grass because this will ensure the grass remains established for many years.



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