Why is Kenda Kikuyu grass such a popular choice for Australian homes?

Why is Kenda Kikuyu grass such a popular choice for Australian homes?

If you’re looking for a lawn that’s tough, robust, hard-wearing and has excellent colour, Kenda Kikuyu ticks all the boxes.  At Rivers Edge Turf we understand that many Aussies have busy schedules and would rather spend their spare time enjoying their lawn than maintaining it.  And that’s why we suggest Kenda Kikuyu as a top pick for Australian lawns.

So, is Kikuyu grass native to Australia?  And what is it about this turf that makes it so popular?

About Kikuyu

Kikuyu is a turf species that is native to Eastern Africa.  It’s a low-growing species with a reputation for very rapid spreading via both rhizomes and stolons.  It is soft underfoot, hardy and easy to maintain, which make it a common choice for public venues such as sporting ovals and community parks.


For many homeowners, the lawn is more than something beautiful just to look at. It’s a place to relax, play with the children, throw a ball to the dog and entertain family and friends.  One of the most outstanding features of Kenda Kikuyu is its ability to withstand high traffic.  Not only is it tough and robust, but it possesses superior self-repairing qualities which make it a great choice for lawns that are intended for regular use.

is Kikuyu grass native to Australia?

Mowing and Maintenance

Kikuyu is a warm season grass, thriving in temperatures of between 20 – 32°C.  This means that during the summer (it’s peak growing season) your Kikuyu lawn will require a haircut every 1 – 2 weeks.  However, during the cooler months, you should be able to string out the mowing to every 3 – 6 weeks, depending on your local climate.

Over time, Kikuyu tends to build up thatch layer which is easily removed using a thatching rake or mechanical de-thatcher.

A dose of slow release fertilizer either side of winter will help keep your Kenda Kikuyu lawn in optimum health and ensure it maintains its vibrant colour.

Drought Tolerance

A water-wise lawn is very important in many areas of Australia.  Not only do many local councils impose water restrictions, but we are a community with a growing awareness of sustainable living and water conservation.  Kikuyu is extremely drought tolerant, and once established, it responds well to deep and infrequent watering practices.

Pest and Disease Tolerance

Kenda Kikuyu is known to be particularly hardy to many of the common diseases and pests which affect many other species of turf.  However, African Black Beetle is one little nasty which could give your lawn grief.  These little critters can be effectively treated with pesticide and the excellent self-repairing qualities of Kenda Kikuyu will ensure that your lawn recovers quickly.

Your lawn is a long-term investment, so choosing the right species of turf is super important. Contact the team at Rivers Edge Turf on (02) 4579 9009 and ask them for advice on which type of lawn will best suit your needs and climate.


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