Kenda Kikuyu Grass


kenda-turfScientifically known as Pennisetum clandestinum, Kenda Kikuyu is one of the most common types of grass used around the world. Kenda is an improved male sterile variety of Kikuyu grass that does not seed or produce pollen. With its superior deep green winter colour, it provides considerable beauty to any suitable space. Many turf varieties struggle during cold winters or frost but Kenda Kikuyu is known to cope well in such conditions. This has made it a popular turf variety in Australia and in countries that face relentless cold. Unlike other kikuyu grasses that grow vertically, Kenda grass grows horizontally.

Kenda Kikuyu is commonly used as a lawn, and in fact, most lawns you encounter are likely to be Kenda. It is one of the cheapest varieties of grass for sale in the market. It also requires very little care to retain its healthy growth and is best known for repairing itself quickly. People like this type of grass because relative to other turf varieties, it has good disease tolerance.

kikuyu turfThe most important feature of Kenda Kikuyu Grass is that it is tough! It is both wear and drought tolerant and maintains its attractive winter color even in cold and frost-prone areas. Because it doesn't produce pollen, it is great for allergy-suffers. In addition, the absence of seed-production means that the lawn is less likely to be damaged by birds, and you won't get Kenda Kikuyu growing from seed in unwanted areas like garden beds or bushland. One disadvantage of Kenda Kikuyu grass is that it has a very fast horizontal growth pattern. This means that without hard garden edging, the grass will invade garden beds or neighbouring property. However, if left unmown for a short period of time, it will remain shorter than other turf varieties.

Unlike other kikuyu grass varieties that are good in shade, Kenda grass prefers full sunlight. This makes it a great choice for people who want to make the most of the sunshine!

Due to its quick self-repairing quality, Kenda Kikuyu makes a perfect lawn for families with kids and pets. It is also a highly-suitable choice for commercial applications. Many sporting fields, especially football grounds, use Kenda Grass because compared to other kikuyu grasses, it has four times as many rhizomes making it bed tightly to the soil. Its vigorous stolon growth makes it wear tolerant and contributes to its rapid re-growth.

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