Kikuyu Grass For Sale: Top Class Kikuyu Turf

kikuyu grass for sale

Rivers Edge Turf is committed to offering our clients with top class kikuyu grass for sale. We love nature and we pride ourselves with offering the best kikuyu grass to promote a naturally greener environment in different regions. You could be asking, Why kikuyu grass? The answer is simple; it is the most cost-effective and fast growing lawn that is suitable for high traffic areas and homes with large pets. Its ability to stay green for long during the fall and springs makes it a perfect choice for warm areas. This particular grass type can do well in irrigated areas. When planted on recommended soil type that maintains moisture, kikuyu grass retains its natural green colour for long with minimal watering. The grass has the potential of staying green throughout the year when planted in confined areas.

Kikuyu Grass For Sale

Kikuyu grass does not produce a lot of pollen, unlike many other grass types that generate a lot of pollen. People with allergies find such grass quite irritating accompanied with nasal discomforts when mowing or playing around. Kikuyu grass is comfortable to work on. It has an added advantage for its recommendable wear tolerance during dormant periods. This grass does not die off easily; it is able to re-green when rains come or when irrigated. This grass is suitable for erosion control. It is also adapted in parks, golf course and cemeteries. Kikuyu grass has been popular over decades in different parts of the world like Australia, California, parts of United States of America, Africa and along major coastal regions.

It is very important that you seek professional advice before planting kikuyu grass. Our lawn specialists shall advise you on the best soil type as well as ground preparation prior to the planting. At times, you may be required to hire the recommended suitable topsoil to be used for effective growth. Kikuyu grass is able to stay green and splendid for years if properly watered and maintained. The grass produces high-quality seeds. You will also be advised on how to control pests and protect your grass from different grass diseases by using specified pesticides and other control measures. You can contact us any time you see some unusual changes to the grass growth and colour for help.

Visit our website and learn more about our kikuyu grass for sale. You can contact us any time and we guarantee a prompt response to all your queries. Your orders are processed immediately after making payment. Proper arrangement for delivery is made and the grass is delivered on prompt and in good condition ready for planting. We have all the necessary tools, equipment and machinery for performing all lawn work. Place your orders well in advance to receive your package on time.

We offer high-quality kikuyu grass for sale at a very reasonable price per meter square. We have a team of highly dedicated lawn professionals on board to serve all our clients. We treat all our customers equally regardless of how big or small the project is. We also plant the grass upon delivery as requested by our esteemed clients.

Our kikuyu grass for sale is ready for you! Contact us today to find out how we can get it to you.


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