Why Kikuyu Grass Is A Perfect Choice For Backyards

Why Kikuyu Grass Is A Perfect Choice For Backyards

Tough; hardy; fast growing and highly drought tolerant.  How much more can you ask?  Kikuyu is one of Australia’s favourite picks for backyards right across the country.  From Queensland to Tasmania and across the country to WA, there are very few places it won’t grow.  That’s why it’s being used by homeowners all over who, have an eye for beautiful lawns.
So, what makes it such a great choice?  Let’s take a closer look at a few of the great benefits of using Kikuyu grass for your lawn:

Kikuyu Grass - Perfect For Backyards


Typically, our backyards get more than their fair share of use, especially in the summer.  And that’s why it’s important to opt for a grass variety that can withstand heavy traffic and wear’n’tear. Kikuyu is the perfect choice for well-used lawn areas.  It has superior self-repairing qualities which make it a great choice for lawns catering for active children and pets.

Fast Growing

Kikuyu grass, and in particular Kenda Kikuyu, is very fast growing.  It spreads via strong, vigorous runners and provides a dense, low-growing lawn that is soft underfoot.  Because of it’s hardy and robust nature it may be invasive, so physical barriers between lawn areas and gardens are advisable.

Low Fertilizing 

Kikuyu does not require a lot of fertilizing to retain it’s beautiful, healthy appearance.  In fact, it will generally grow happily without any extra help, however, a good dose of slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of spring and autumn will ensure that your lawn not only survives but thrives!  In between times, if your Kikuyu Grass needs a little extra something to perk it up, a dose of high nitrogen fertilizer should do the trick.

Kikuyu Grass - Watering Grass


Australians need lawns that are highly drought tolerant.  And Kikuyu fits the bill.  However, to maintain optimum performance and that coveted luscious green appearance, a basic watering routine is in order.  After your instant turf or seed is established, water the lawn as needed: in the height of summer this will probably be every 7 – 10 days, maybe a little more often in sandy or well-drained soil types.  As with all grass types, Kikuyu does best with less frequent but deep soakings, as opposed to frequent, light watering. Over-watering your lawn will encourage pests, disease and root rot.

Winter Color

Kikuyu, especially Kenda Kikuyu, is renown for its great winter colour.  Because it keeps growing throughout the winter when many other grass varieties slow down, it is able to repair itself and maintain a vibrant, lush appearance all year round.

Kikuyu Grass - Mowing Grass


Lawn mowing is a great weekend activity that many of us enjoy.  And for those that love that time outside in the fresh air, Kikuyu grass is the perfect option.  During its peak growth season your lawn will require a weekly haircut to keep it tidy, however, in the cooler months mowing can be stretched out to once every few weeks.

At Rivers Edge Turf we understand the needs of Australian lawn-lovers.  We love Kikuyu grass and we’ve got the experience and practical skills to help you create a lawn you’ll love.  Call us today on 02 4579 9009 and discuss your needs with one of our team.


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