We’ve Heard Of Kikuyu Turf, But Why Has It Become So Popular?

We’ve Heard Of Kikuyu Turf, But Why Has It Become So Popular?

kikuyu turf

Kikuyu Turf (pennisetum clandestinum) is a type of tropical grass species that is native to East Africa and gets its name from the Gikuyu Tribe, who are native to the area.

Although it is considered by some to be a noxious weed, the grass has become incredibly popular for gardens and lawns due to its being inexpensive and extremely drought-resistant. Kikuyu turf provides many benefits, from durability, to ease of growing, that makes it a fantastic option for yards, fields, or any other outdoor space. In modern times the grass has become extremely popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southern California, and many other places with a hot and dry climate. It is common to see the grass on private residences, as well as public places such as parks or sports fields.

So why is Kikuyu turf so popular?

Probably the main reason for its popularity is that Kikuyu turf/grass is extremely tough. It can withstand droughts as well as any grass species, grows extremely quickly, and does not require any extra fertilizer to be maintained, although it will, like all plants, benefit from proper fertilization. The grass is also very resistant to common lawn diseases such as brown patch, although it is not invincible, and problems can occur. The grass itself is known for its ability to grow thick and dense, and has a reputation for quickly repairing itself in the case of any damages. It has a matted root system, and the leaves are green, flattened, or folded along the middle.

Maintaining Kikuyu turf and lawn

As far as maintenance is concerned, Kikuyu turf should be mowed roughly every 7-10 days during the summer months, and every 3-6 weeks during the winter months. Once the turf has been installed regular and thorough watering is required for the grass to grow thick and healthy. During the summer months, a watering schedule of every 7-10 days should suffice, and that will be much reduced during the winter months.

How Much Does Kikuyu Turf cost?

As far as pricing is concerned, Kikuyu turn is generally considered one of the less expensive options, but the amount will, of course, depend on the size of the space you wish to have covered. One must also consider that as it is very durable, Kikuyu grass will have a tendency to last much longer than other more sensitive species, especially during droughts and low rain seasons. This means that as an investment Kikuyu grass offers a solid amount of security and assurance that it will not die of disease or maltreatment, although of course it is best to avoid either.

Whether you are looking for a durable and affordable option for your own lawn, or are looking for turf for a field or public space, Kikuyu turf offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. The next step is to determine the size of the space you need the turf to cover, and then contact a provider such as Rivers Edge Turf to speak to an expert and get the process rolling.


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