8 cheap and simple ways to kill weeds in your yard

8 cheap and simple ways to kill weeds in your yard

Whether we like it or not, dealing with weeds is a natural part of lawn maintenance. The good news is, removing weeds doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive and overwhelming as you may think. Here are 8 cheap and simple ways to kill weeds in your yard.

1.Removal by hand

Regularly taking a few minutes out of your day to scout and remove weeds will work wonders on your lawn in the long term. Removing by hand is best done when the ground is moist, as the soil will be loose and the roots easier to remove. Simply grab the weed by the stem at ground level and gently pull, rocking the stem back and forth to loosen surrounding soil. Always keep in mind that for this method to be effective, the whole of the root must be removed.

2.Removal with garden tools

For larger weeds with deeper roots, consider opting for removal with garden tools. In most cases, a garden hoe will suffice, but a winged weeder may be necessary for stubborn, deeper weeds. Again, go for this method either the day after it’s rained or after watering the lawn to ensure the soil is moist and the roots can be removed easily.

3.Clip seed heads

Weeds will reproduce quickly when they grow flowers and seed heads. To prevent them from spreading, clip the seed heads off using shears and dispose of. If you’re worried about disturbing the soil by pulling weeds out by the root, this is a great alternative.

4.Boiling water

Pouring boiling water over the weeds is an easy and effective way to remove them quickly. Ensure you pour the water as close to the weed as possible to avoid it spilling onto the surrounding turf.

5.Selecting the right herbicide

There are several types of herbicide on the market, and each is designed to cater to different types of turf. Generally, it’s best to go for a selective herbicide over a non-selective. Non-selective will kill all plants it comes into contact with (including your lawn!), while selective herbicides are designed to target specific weeds only. Always ensure you follow the safety instructions and stick to the recommended dosages.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Kill Weeds

6.Mowing your lawn

It may seem obvious, but regularly mowing your lawn is one of the best ways to keep it healthy, therefore keeping weed growth down. Make sure you’re mowing at the right cutting height for your turf, so the grass can shade and out-compete the weeds. Mowing regularly will clip heads off the weeds before they can germinate and spread.

7.Covering bare batches

Weeds are most likely to spring up in areas of your lawn that are patchy and sparse. Keep your lawn dense by laying fresh turf or seed.

8. Select a weed-resistant turf

When considering what turf to lay, consider selecting a weed-resistant turf such as a Palmetto buffalo grass. When kept healthy, a dense turf with a thick growth will out-compete the growth of weeds.

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