Keeping The Bugs At Bay – Best And Safest Pesticides For Grass

Keeping The Bugs At Bay – Best And Safest Pesticides For Grass

There’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than seeing dead, brown patches appear in your beautiful, green buffalo turf.  All that hard work you’ve put into your lawn, the manicuring, the watering, the weeding….and now look! Parts of it appear to be dying…

Don’t throw up your hands in despair – the unsightly brown patches in your lawn may well be due to pests, not buffalo grass diseases.  And, in this case, the problem is relatively easy to fix (watch out grubs and beetles…)!
So, how do I know what it is that’s chewing its way through my grass?

The most common enemies of our lawns are curl grub, lawn armyworm, webworm, cutworm and billbug larvae.  Some of these pests live below the surface and chew their way through the roots and rhizomes of the grass. While others live in the thatch layer of the grass and feed on the grass stems.  But whatever the case, if you don’t act quickly, it won’t be long before you simply don’t have a lawn anymore!

Tell-tale signs of an infestation are:

  • brown, dead patches in the lawn
  • a lot of carnivorous birds such as magpies or kookaburras spending time digging up your lawn to feed on the beetles or larvae
  • in the case of webworm, a fine web that is visible on the grass, especially early in the morning

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify exactly what it is that’s munching on your grass.  Try drenching an affected area of the lawn with warm, soapy water – this will often bring bugs or grubs to the surface, so you can correctly identify them.

Keeping the Bugs at Bay

There are many and varied products out there for treating lawn pests.  Available in granular or liquid form, they are easy to apply and are generally very effective.  Yates Complete Lawn Insect Control is an excellent choice – it comes as a liquid and the bottle attaches to your hose, allowing you to apply it simply and evenly to your lawn.

Many of these products include a fertilizer as well as a pesticide – this is important, because after your lawn has been treated it will need some extra TLC to nurture it back to good health.

As a homeowner, it’s your obligation to ensure that you are caring responsibly for your grass and the environment.  Be sure to read and follow all manufacturers instructions regarding the application of lawn care products. If you have a team of birds helping you eradicate lawn pests, chose a product that is eco-friendly and won’t harm them either.

The team at Rivers Edge Turf can help you maintain a healthy, happy, pest-free lawn all year round.  We’re grass experts, and when it comes to controlling pests and buffalo grass diseases, we’ve got the experience, the expertise, and the skill to restore your turf to its natural beauty.  Call us today on 02 4579 9009 and talk to one of our friendly staff – we’ve got the answers to your lawn care problems.


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