The Complete Guide To Lawn Edging – Rivers Edge Turf

The Complete Guide To Lawn Edging – Rivers Edge Turf

A beautiful turf deserves a beautiful edging.  And the good news is that a neat and tidy edging isn’t actually difficult or expensive to achieve – it simply requires a bit of time and TLC to ensure that those ragged and unsightly edges are kept tidy and even.  Believe us when we say that your efforts will be well worth the results!

Keeping the edges of your lawn under control has a twofold purpose: 1. it boosts the aesthetic appeal of your turf area, and 2. it prevents grass from growing into garden beds or onto paths or driveways.

We understand if keeping your lawn under control seems a daunting job, so to help you achieve the perfect edge, read below for some expert tips:


Mow your turf area before you attempt to tidy up the edges.  A neatly mowed lawn will be much easier to work with, and you’ll be able to clearly see the area to be edged.

Choose Your Trimmer

The type of trimming tool you use will depend on the type of edging you want to achieve.  If you are simply neatening the grass edge against a solid surface such as a driveway, path or wall, a string trimmer or line trimmer may be your best friend.  However, if you want to create a definite break between lawn and garden bed, or lawn and paths, you will need an edging tool, be it powered or manual.

Lawn Edging

Create an Edge

Before you put tool to dirt, take the time to mark out your edging line – a clearly marked edging will ensure that the finished result is even and straight.  Using your edging tool, cut down into the soil about 2 inches, being wary of underground pipes or tree roots.  Remove the soil between the lawn and the garden bed/driveway, lifting soil, grass and roots.  Take regular breaks to stand back and asses your progress: this will allow you to make any corrections or trim up any bits where you haven’t cut quite straight.

Other Types of Edgings

You may choose to edge your turf area by installing a physical barrier such as bricks or stones, or a pre-made edging of plastic, concrete or metal.  Each type of edging has its own merits and suits a particular style of garden.  If your species of turf is a particularly invasive one, this may be the best way to control its spread.

For more ideas and advice on garden edgings, call the team at Rivers Edge Turf on (02) 4579 9009.  We’ve been helping our customers to create beautiful lawns for many years now, and we’d be only too glad to share our experience, knowledge and practical know-how with you too.



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