Growing Grass: How To Kill Bindii’s

Growing Grass: How To Kill Bindii's

Growing Grass: How To Kill Bindii’s

How To Kill Bindii’s: There is no doubt this is something everyone wants to know how to do successfully when working on maintaining a healthy lawn. Bindii’s get stuck in our clothes and shoes and HURT should we step on one with bare feet.

While still maintaining a healthy lawn, we’ll teach you how to go about growing grass and killing bindii’s in your lawn for good!

How To Kill Bindii’s

During the Winter months, you may have noticed small ferny bright green growths in your lawn. These are the beginnings of the nasty prickles that will bother you in the Summer. They are Bindiis.

While the Bindiis are still green, this is the best time to plan an attack as once the seed is formed, even if the plant dies, the Bindiis will still prickle your feet and spawn to form new plants next year.

How To Kill Bindii’s In an Environmentally Safe Manner

Bindii’s tend to grow in compacted soil, so aerate affected area with an aerator or a fork. This will help the lawn to grow better.

The continuing life cycle of bindii really can’t be controlled by regular lawn mowing since it’s seed heads and flowers exist below mowing height, however, you might like to try mowing your lawn a little shorter to stop the bindii thriving so much. Be careful not to mow it so short that your lawn dies though.

How To Kill Bindii’s Using Chemicals

Herbicides can be used to easily control bindii’s. They are a more natural chemical solution.  Herbicides are readily available at most nurseries and are usually supplied in a concentrated format which you will need to dilute with water before applying.

If you have a big bindii problem and are wanting to know How To Kill Bindii’s that are literally taking over your lawn try something like Yates Bindii Weed Killer ($15 for 200mL) or Bin-die (around $15 for 200mL) as they are much stronger. Be careful, however, of surrounding plants.

Make sure whatever chemical you use on your lawn is compatible with the variety of lawn you have.

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