Irrigation Installation – Why Hiring An Expert Might Avoid Costly Mistakes

Irrigation Installation – Why Hiring An Expert Might Avoid Costly Mistakes

Whether you’re in the middle of a drought or the rainy season, irrigation can be a lifesaver for your lawn – literally. Most of the time, your lawn supplier can design and install an effective and long-lasting irrigation system. Other times, companies will prefer that you work with professional landscapers.

When you decide to DIY anything, you’re on a steep learning curve unless you already have some skills for the job. While installing irrigation without assistance from your local lawn supplier may seem like the most cost-effective option at the time, it may not be the best choice in the long run.

Some Common Mistakes

Digging Without Checking

There are a number of costly and inconvenient outcomes that can arise from this mistake:

  • Broken water or plumbing pipes.
  • An electrical pipe mishap. This can cause an outage to your home or your neighbour’s, electrocute someone or even electrify the sprinkler system.
  • Hitting a gas line. If you’re really unlucky, this could cause an explosion.

Depth of Pipe Trenches

The pipes for an irrigation system need to be buried at a certain depth. Too shallow can cause breakages, too deep and the pipes can’t be excavated to find a leak. Professionals will know all the tips and tricks!

Incorrect Watering

Plant beds and lawns require different amounts and consistency of watering. Your lawn supplier will know exactly the right programming and design of irrigation to be sure your plants and lawn are happy and healthy.

Neglecting a Rainwater Shut-Off

One of the best ways you can be sure your lawn is getting the right amount of water is knowing that there’s technology out there to help. Technology such as a rainwater shut-off sensor can determine the soil’s moisture levels and turn off when necessary. When you work with professionals you’ll be getting the best technology there is to save water and energy.

Installing Irrigation

Here’s Why You Should Hire A Lawn Supplier

The Right System

There are many types of systems on the market for irrigation. Your lawn supplier will be able to make sure you’re getting exactly the right one for your lawn and garden. This will save you time, water and money and you can be sure that you’ve got exactly the system you need.

Good Design

Every garden is different, requires a different plan for irrigation and needs a unique design. A good design takes into account plants, trees, lawns, overall volume and obstacles. This will save you time and money in the long run when no mistakes are made in the installation process.

No Learning Curve

There are professional tools and skills needed to install irrigation properly. When you hire someone to do the job you’re getting all of those skills in the package. No more YouTube tutorials that only give you half the job!

Product Warranty

When you install irrigation systems there is a manufacturer’s warranty attached. This is only valid if the system is installed correctly and many times by a professional installer. When you trust the team at your lawn supplier you can be sure your warranty will remain intact and appropriate insurances exist for any “mistakes” that may occur.

In the long run, you will have saved yourself any anxiety over how to install the system correctly. The knowledge that your garden will be flourishing is worth having an expert team install your irrigation for you. You’ll save time, money, water and energy, and your lawn and garden will be something you can be proud of.

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