Landscaping Your Backyard- 3 Things To Consider When Re-designing

Landscaping Your Backyard- 3 Things To Consider When Re-designing

New home, old home, family home, holiday home… it doesn’t matter where or what, it needs to be landscaped to be truly home.  A house without landscaping is like a cake without icing: it just doesn’t quite cut the mustard!

Having said all that, landscaping is no job for a novice either.  I get it, there’s no better place to try your gardening skills than in your own backyard, but a serious landscaping project deserves some serious thought.  So, before you grab your gloves and shovel, it’s worth considering these 3 things:

  1. Aim and Plan

#1: you need to have a definite concept.  What do you want to achieve from your landscaping project? It pays to spend time researching – browse ideas on the internet; take a trip to the local library; visit open gardens in your area and speak to neighbours and friends about plants that do well in your climate.

Redesigning Your BackyardHave you got more ideas than space to achieve them all?  You need to plan.  Decide exactly what you’ll include in your garden and what you’ll leave out.  Remember, sometimes less is more – a garden that has too many ideas is not necessarily a good one.  Draw your plan to scale, allowing space for your plants to grow and fill out (this will help to prevent overcrowding in years to come).

Write down your costs.  Be fair on yourself and your budget by researching and making realistic pricing estimates.  Work out what you can afford, and stick to it – don’t be tempted to start projects you know you can’t afford to finish.

  1. Choose Good Quality Turf

Your lawn is probably the most valuable single element of your landscaping project.  But it’s often the unsung hero of the garden!  Be sure to allocate a good amount of time and funds to establish a quality turf.  Choose a variety that suits your local climate and personal preferences (the choices out there are huge) and spend time preparing the soil, installing a watering system and laying a garden edging.  Time and money spent on your lawn now won’t be wasted – it’ll ensure years of enjoyment down the track.

  1. Be Creative

Redesigning Your Backyard - Be Creative

Don’t be too dogmatic about your plant choice: let your creative juices flow!  Planting a variety of species creates texture, aesthetic appeal, and visual impact.  Layering your gardens adds an additional level of complexity.  Trees can provide visual barriers, bushes and hedges can be used as privacy screens, and flowering annuals provide that vibrant color pop that every garden needs! Try to include species that will bring insects and bees to your garden – they’re vital to a thriving, healthy eco-system.

Landscaping your yard is an exciting journey, and the team at Rivers Edge Turf are here to help you every step of the way.  We’ve got the experience, the skills, and the practical know-how to make your landscaping project a success from start to finish.  Call us today on 02 4579 9009 and speak to one of our staff.


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